It is a COB LED light bulb for a bicycle dynamo generator.

It stands for Chip on Board and COB, and has an LED element is said to the LED to obtain a favorable structure to lower the heat release and high output thermal resistance can be directly mounted on the aluminum substrate.
The it was the LED of light bulb of the bicycle dynamo (AC6V) is this COB bulb.

Brightness compared to the filament bulb is emitted from the low-speed range by more than 5 times (400 ~ 500lm), it does not have that ball out.
We also have done endurance test according to JIS standard.

Between the COB module and E10 socket it is filled with silicon.
This is imparted heat sink for diffusing heat generated from the COB aluminum substrate, a cushion for absorbing vibration, isolation of the AC power source and the internal circuit, the four meanings of adhesion and bonding between the parts.
Heat is transmitted slowly !

Rated voltage: AC 6V
Rated current: 800mA
Brightness: 400 ~ 500lm
Color rendering index: 60-85
Color temperature: warm white 3000 ± 200K or pure white 5000 ± 200K
Emission angle: 120 degrees
Maximum diameter: about 14.5mm
Socket type: E10 screw cap
Corresponding generator: AC6V Bottle_dynamo or AC6V Hub_dynamo

Product Unit Price: $ 13.45
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