itp A3 high mode max runtime

I'm wondering about getting the maxium runtime out of a AAA battery on high mode in an itp A3.

For AAA rechargeables I'm pretty convinced that an Eneloop would give me the best runtimes on high. However, I'm wondering if there is a way to do even better. I hear some people use a 10440 on medium and get the same amount of light as a AAA on high; would this give better run time?

Do alkaline primaries beat an eneloop? For those of you that don't know the light, it draws about 0.85 amps on high. At that current would the fancy (expensive) Energizer lithiums last much longer than a standard primary or an Eneloop?

I intend to the operate the flashlight mostly with rechargables. But I'm thinking about using it as a back-up in a night running race. Since it is a race and this would just be the backup light I really want to minimize weight. I don't mind paying a bit extra for batteries since it is a one-time thing.

If I can't find something that provides more than an hour run time I probably have to use a AA or CR123 size flashlight as the backup...


On High down to 50%

Alkaline 34min

Eneloop 59min

Lithium 1h27min

On Med

Alkaline 1h26min

Eneloop 2h9min

If you want to use Energizer lithiums but price sounds too high, check these out:

Their performance is as good as actual Energizers.

Sounds like the Energizer Lithiums (or the knock offs) are the way to go for max run time.

I found some info on 10440's on another site and it seems that an itp A3 on medium with a trustfire 10440 only lasts around 50 min.

My DQG II Tiny does some 1h40min on Eneloop on High. Maybe more on lithium, haven´t tried.

Efficiency must be good.

Output is a bit less and beam is floodier. It does not heat up very much on High.

If you can tolerate a little less in lumens, get the Tiny ;)

I bet I could tolerate a few less lumens... maybe down to 40 lumens and that would (theoretically) bump up the runtime even 50% more than the DQG Tiny. I don't know about buying the Tiny as I already have two itp's on their way to me...

I see the price has come down on the DQG though, so maybe.