ITP A3 SS- Anyone remove the pill?

So I got a nice little Stainless ITP A3 XP-G from DD a few weeks back but there is some noticeable haze on the inside of the lens. It doesn't affect the output but my OCD kills me when I look at it.

I gently tried to spin out the pill with a small pair of tweasers but it seems to be glued in and I certainly don't want to mess up the light. Anyone have success unthreading the pill?


when i am back at work after the holidays i will check personally the copies we have left in stock. or we can offer you a partial refund on the item thru the chat channel. please come and say hi in the chat. there will be someone working during the holidays.



I've taken 3 iTP A3 std editions apart after they broke from being dropped, then made them run direct drive on a 10440. It is seriously not worth trying though just to clean the lense. You have to heat them quite a lot to weaken the glue and that can melt the plastic centering ring in the head and probably destroy the electronics (mine were already broken so I'm not sure what effect the heat had).

LOL MAN, you got me :)

I have another A3 Alu XP-G and a small piece of the centering ring was floating around in the reflector area, and that pill spun out with ease. I wish they hadn't glued the SS one in.

btw nice purchase jon!

i got the Titanium and am very pleased with it (as i am with my other AAA lights). fingers crossed that the driver will never die/fry/burn out!