ITP A3 Stainless Steel 3 mode ... Beamshots tonight ...

Thanks for the review Matt! I'm glad you had a good experience with it. Sounds like it's worth the slight premium price. I really wish it could tailstand, though. And a clicky switch would be nice.


"10440 @ 3.84volts = Lo - 0.02A / 2-3Lumen , Medium - 0.19A / 45Lumen , High - 1A / 230Lumen"

You mean that with the new driver, MED mode is not as the old one that delivered about 80 lumen on MED?

Has itp changed this? too bad

I have the itp A3 eos upgraded aluminium, and with 10440, MED 0,35A 80-90 lumens

Yours only draw 0,19 and get only 45 lumen??¿¿?¿?

I was thinking to buy another itp, but as ALL itp A3 are coming with the new new new driver with mode secuence LO_MED_HIGH, and MED only draw 0,19.........................

Yeah ,I havent checked yet , but the old driver may also be better regulated on a 10440 [ Maratac ] ... My AAA Maratac does 80Lumen on med with the 10440 @ 4.15v and the same at 3.84v , same with high and low ...

I will have to check this with the ITP , but it looks like lower current on med and high with the 10440 [ maybe on purpose ? ] ...

They may have done this to protect the light from hotrod 'ers , ill have to charge up a 10440 and see ... Lower current , maybe better ? Works the same with the AAA's . I still like it ...

My new ITP A3's med mode 10440 is less bright than high mode AAA NIMH. I have the low-med-high version.

OK, please check that, to know if I purchase another or not..

10440 @ 4.05v Lo still 2-3L Med 48L Hi starts @ 276 and quickly sags ...

So I would say medium is lower , as is low , and hi is not as well regulated as with the earlier driver .... [ In my case Maratac AAA = So glad I got 2 ]

Still , I like it .. Its dark out so I will do the beamshots .

Oh Yes! I have one Natural Gray with the old driver modes but with new 1000Hz PWM. Voilá 80 lumens on MED.

So, Natural Gray = no more manufactured in that color

So, Old driver = no more manufactured with 80 lumens on MED (10440)

I am glad to have one.......... But I have only one..... buaaaa