itp sa1 removing glued section?

hey guys the star leads of my sa1 ripped from the contacts from me messing with it..I need to get the body apart to access the mechanics etc to solder in new leads..the body is glued at the battery and head ssection..tried running it under hot water and it didn't do would I remove these sections without damaging the light? i'm going to try a heat gun but not sure that will work either..


I heard "Aceton" should work.

some drops every 30-60min. for some hours.

I remember many years ago I bought a nuwaiQ3. It had a glued head. The recomened thing to do back then was to stick the light in a ziplock bag and boil it. I did this and it worked great. You want to get it out and wrap it with towels or something so you can try to bust it open while it's still hot.