It's been a long time

Hi all!

I missed being active on this forum. :slight_smile:

I’m back after nearly 3.5 years. I was lurking on occasion, but wasn’t signing in. I guess this thanksgiving pulled me back in. Ordered some flashlights after a long time, and we’ll see how it goes from there. :wink:

Happy thanksgiving! (with a slight delay)

I already like it here. I forgot how friendly this forum is. One of the friendliest online places I’ve ever seen.

To give you a short summary of what happened to me - I changed few jobs, left and returned to the same company (go figure), moved to another city, misplaced my flashlight collection case with a bunch of flashlights (still believing I’ll find it).

Main members of the collection are with me, though. :wink:

I see there is a number of new emitters, hosts, drivers and active members around. Looking forward to some catching up.


Welcome back viktori! :party:

We're glad that you're back, viktori!

Welcome back old timer! :slight_smile:

Welcome back. As you joined on Xmas day are you Santa Claus? Yep theres lots of new things on the market as well as a few custom BLF group buy light s happened and happening. I hope the new old job is paying well.

Hey guys! :slight_smile:

Heh, joined on xmas, forgot about that. :slight_smile: I’m not Santa, though I love to wear the hat on occasion. :wink:

My new old job pays better than my old old job, and … for less responsibility. Without going into specifics.

It’s fun, I’m seeing the silver lining, not that I have to search for it much. :wink: