It's not only Li_ions that explode!

It could only happen to my Father.

He was sat watching television new years eve, when a 9v battery in a drawer shorted out on random metallic detritus, resulting it:

He thought someone had taken a shot at him!

Woah, maplin cells too…

No lights in the drawer to damage? :bigsmile:

That is surprising to say the least. I've shorted those things without that happening, but today I'll give it a go. :evil:

What kind of cells are those? Is that what’s inside a nine volt battery? Six?

Glad one never shorted on me like that when I've licked them. LOL!

Yep, six x 1.5v = 9v.

Scaru, please video the torture tests, it should be highly amusing. :slight_smile:

probably heat expanded the air in the sealed plastic container? or did a cell actually rupture?

AAA? I didn’t think 9v were that big. I think I’ve got one in my 1968 Panasonic transistor radio( yes, it still works) and look at it closely.

aaaa actually
i want this just because of that fact. i can stash away a half dozen 9v and they will never get used. ill always have a light and 3 dozen cells

Not entirely sure. I’ll have a better look next time if he’s kept it. It was quite loud though apparently!

Perhaps you should stick to licking windows. Far less risky…… :smiley:

I always wanted to see what the six cells in a 9V looked like, thanks :slight_smile:

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaasaaaaaaaa!

And the post of 2013 goes to vfmaddict. 8) :beer:

I never noticed it before that they even existed much less that they come in a 4 pack right by the cashier’s area. Or maybe they’ve just been newly stocked. This thread’s sure coincidental.

Coincidental first post, welcome and I’m glad your not a nut job. :bigsmile: they don’t need any more of us. :bigsmile:

Same thing happened to me not too long ago. One of the cells exploded and shot the battery cap clear across the room.

I swear, alkaline batteries should be outlawed.

imagine how many are leaking in landfills

Sure looks like the one on the left is ruptured, and perhaps was connected to the one on the right with the gunk in the middle perhaps coming from inside the ruptured one. All of the others seem to be connected (at least on one end).

PS - made where?

I was going to suggest licking a light pole while it’s below freezing…at least that way you won’t have the ability to do anything else stupid for a while…until some one with a warm cup of water comes along to help.

For the record, I have NEVER stuck my tongue on a 9V battery ………………………………………………………………………………….in public!

There is usually only one source of warm liquid (hint: yellow, foamy) available when that happens…