I've found the perfect 18650!

for CPF folks.



But, hey, you can save $1.90 if you order more than 10. ;)

If they manage to sell just one of those they have sucessfully robbed someone.

lol :bigsmile: They must be joking $) How much will cost their charger? :bigsmile:

For that price it should come with a flashlight ,,,

and preferably an xml one.....

Round 2 of their batteries.


One of its kind, You just can't miss it.

Especially as they aren't rechargeable most likely and even I in the UK can get the Energizer AA lithiums (Energizer own the US/EU patents on this chemistry) for less than that.

lol :bigsmile: Nah, will say the same: they are crazy S) :bigsmile: