JAX Z1 XM-L2 zoom

Anyone knows this flashlight? http://www.banggood.com/JAX-Z1-Cree-XM-L2-U2-Zoomable-1100LM-5-Mode-LED-Flashlight-p-940891.html
I like it :love: !…but the price is high :frowning:
I have a Mantaray B200, but i want another bigger head zoomable!
My alternative is Uniquefire 1405 http://www.fasttech.com/products/1601/10009201/1815002-uniquefire-uf-1405-1-cree-xm-l-u2-1200-lumen-5
Any advice? :slight_smile:

I was informed they recently got it in stock. From what I’ve seen it looks very promising. I may have have a review sample on its way to me soon.

It looks good but it is expensive and I wish the lens can be bigger than that. Uniquefire 1405 is still my first consideration over this.

It looks nice, I'm a s*cker for AR coatings and this AR-coated lens has my full approvement :love: . Also, I like that it is a single-battery light, I would use a dedomed XP-G2 in it and that does not need more than 1 battery. The quality looks good, it has a brass pill :-) , two things that put me off: the price, and the flat-ish lens: zooming takes a long travel for the head and the hotspot is smaller than it needs to be.

I would not mind a free sample for review either :-)

yes, we will send one to unknown00101 to review.

and I can take some photos tonight

~$2 more at CNQG. More with coupon.


Nice! :-)

just take some photos,and all is by my phone, sorry I have no camera.

more details waiting for unknown00101 's review.

seems pics do not appear, who can tell me one photo share site?

I use flickr.com, but there's many (Photobucket ?)

Google, flickr are forbidden in china




I use pbotobucket!

sorry i have no camera.

It has three groups
3.100%(High,Single file)

Very nice. Love the matte black and the build quality looks great from what I can see.

Interesting but expensive ! Is the premium AR glass really that important for the output ?
With the extention tube the size is similar to the UniqueFire UF-1406.

Any hope of getting this offered as a host (without the LED and driver)?


mine arrived yesterday. The flashlight feels good in the hand and i like the ano. Almost like my MTE H6-1. The emitter is sharply projected from about 8m. One lens was a bit dirty inside and outside, you can see some fingerprints on it. One switch is not assembled well, just out of center a little bit. The lens has a visible diameter of 41mm. The focus is working really smooth.

I measured 43 KLux @1m/Kcd on high Mode with an unprotected KingKong 26650. I think a good base to start modding. I am going to disassemble it in the next days. I will post more info then.



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