Jaxman e2 or Convoy S2?

I’m just curious. Which one throws further?

I wouldn’t want another s2+ light if the jaxman e2 produces similar beam to it.

way better….

I’m almost positive that they Lego or are extremely close to doing so.

Given the relatively same reflector size and dimensions, I’d guess that the beam profile of the E2 would be very similar to the S2. However, the S2 would throw much farther simply because of its brightness.

The E2 Nichia 219 puts out about 300 lumens. The S2+ puts out more than 400 lumens in its lowest available 7135x3 configuration. In the 7135x8 configuration, it puts out around 1000 lumens.

And your title mentions the S2. Are you interested in the S2 or the S2? They are two different models. The S2 is a little larger than the S2. The S2 is slightly throwier than the S2+.

Maybe I didn’t clarify. Yes I’m comparing s2 thrower light with e2 xml2 version.

I already own a s2+ which is why I said I do not want another s2+

Thanks for all the replies

Neither are throwers

To make it simple, an S2 reflector is slightly throwier than an S2+ reflector.

It’s deeper by about 10mm so it throws a bit better. But it’s not a C8, of course.

If the Jaxman E2 has a n S2 reflector, it wil throw better but if the lumens are lower it will be less bright

Neither are ever going to be throwers. The reflector is too small.

The S2 should throw slightly better than an S2+ due to the reflector, but you’d probably need them side by side to see the difference.

For more throw you may want to consider a different LED. A smaller LED relative to the reflector size will give you more throw.

I have an XP-G2 Convoy S4 and a Nichia 219B S4. Bought as hosts and running a 3.04A Qlite. They perform very similar to each other, the XP-G2 maybe slightly throwier. Both are IMO nicer lights than most XM-L2 tube lights due to the extra throw they have.

If you want more throw, then something like the Convoy M2 might be worth looking at. Slightly bigger than the tube lights, but still pocket friendly. A well driven XP-G2 in one of these will throw well.

Thanks for the answer. I do own a c8 with xml2 u4 1c with blf a6 driver and its a fair thrower.

I was hoping to get a p60 beam if I were to get a s2 but knowing a smaller LED is required for more throw I’ll need to think about it.

Is s2 really that unnoticeable when compared to s2+? I was thinking of s2 xpl hi with smooth reflector with all the advices everyone has given.

Maybe I’m thinking too optimistic because I saw how nitecore p12gt promotes their light

I do own both and can say that you’ll notice the difference. A smooth reflector is a plus but I doubt that XP-L HI will be enough to see a difference in throw. What you want is a dedomed XP-G2 but the tint lotery might be frustrating

Depends how much throw you want. I’ve not gone de-domed XP-G2, as I suspect the spill beam might be too dim and it still won’t really be a thrower.

I have a couple of examples that might help:

S2+ nice and floody

XP-G2 in a S4. More throw, but narrower spill beam and spill beam less bright

And this is an EagleTac D25LC2. This is the old model running the original CW XP-G (not XP-G2…). It throws very well for it’s size and lumen level. Has quite a deep reflector.