Jaxman E3

Any E3 fans out there? Just received my third one purchased over the past couple years. I find the quality to be just great for the price and the attractive SS bezel ring is a nice touch. Internals seem as well build (or better) than lights costing much more (I’m looking at you Fenix and Streamlight!). Two of them are the 3-mode version and I just received a 2-mode version as well. Disappointingly, this two mode version doesn’t seem to have a very low low. In fact its more like a not-quite-high mode. Still a very good light for this AA size fan.

I’m wondering if anybody is aware of a 2AA body that would fit? The voltage should work out fine since 2AA would still be in boost mode and the driver is rated for up to 14500 voltage. As an aside, does anybody know if changing the low mode would be a simple resistor swap on the driver? If so, which one?

I am a fan of the E3 as well and some months ago I also ordered a 2 mode version driver (and bought an extra 3 mode version).
Despite I asked Jaxman to send me a driver with moonlight and high, the 2 modes are very close, so it is like mid and high only.
I will probably replace that driver and use the other one I bought.

As for 2xAA tubes that fit, the only one I know that fits is the Blitzwolf BW-ET1 2xAA tube althought it is not a perfect match, specially on the tailcap.
I just tried mine with 2xAA Alkalines and it worked :wink:
Unfortunately, the BW-ET1 is discontinued. So, unless you know someone that doesn’t need the tube or if you have one…… :wink:

I was/am searching for one and skinny_tie contacted me about that, but it is a long shot from Australia to here! :zipper_mouth_face:

(BTW, my tube is being used in the BW-ET1 that I modded with an Anduril driver, XHP50.2 and 2x14500 cells, so that’s the reason why I am not using mine in another build like the Jaxman E3).