Jetbeam BC40 not very far from budget...

That light for me seems almost a budget light :)

With 10% off its only 72 $

I guess this light is comparable to Trustfire X8 but I prefer to pay 20$ more for the quality, 2 modes and forward clicky switch.

Perhaps I am already ready :) to buy this little beast, but this vendor (BOB) includes real invoice... so maybe there is a place with better price and lets say with 25$ on custom declaration...

Any ideas guys? Thanks!

Try here. Flavio is very cooperative guy, I've bought a few JETBeams from him. Don't forget cpfjet coupon for 15% off :)

Jetbeam is marketing to a more budget buyer .. even old jetbeams aren't cheap

At $60 it's not bad.

It may be better than the Trustfire x8

Thanks Hrvoje,

I have ordered from them, lets see how it goes... to be continued...

I'd like to see how the Jetbeam BC40 and the Trustfire mentioned above compare to Foys latest thrower.

I like that JetBeam is making some moderately priced lights, but the look of the BC40 isn't appealing to me. I like the idea of a forward clicky and two modes, but the problem is their low mode on all the B-series lights seems too high to me.

That's a great deal on that light at BugOutGear with the discount and free shipping though. You won't find many 2x18650 Trustfires for that price.

I don't like the look of their newer models. Looks like they changed Chief Designer.

JETBeam finally at Manafont. Good prices, but it would be nice if they could give 5-10% off for BLF members.

Manafont is going up-market with all the Nitecore, Jetbeam, Sunwayman! :)

Slight off-topic from OP, but in reference to manafront going to name brands, I had a look and spotted THE SS torch!


Unless you've had one, you will never know how solid a reverse clicky AA torch can ever feel (lol). Although I believe its not cheap from manafront though. $58 from HKe, $48 from KD. UI is simple and nice - loose/tight head. $48? thats subjective, but wow, its some serious amount of Solid


That's the best deal I've seen on these especially with the discount and free shipping (USA).

I really like the beam pattern of the BC40. No blackhole, enough spill, and a large hotpot and it still has some throw. I believe the orange peel reflector is responsible for the nice transition from the hotspot to the spill.

Somehow I have the feeling that the Trustfire X8 would be a slightly better thrower.