Jetbeam BC40 Switch

Hey all,

Does anyone know where I can get a new switch without dealing with the factory? The light is a couple of years old. I have been searching for the last couple of hours with no luck. It doesn’t even have to be an exact replacement just one that will work. Thanks

Pics please.

Its the clicky switch….I’ll try to post a pic…

Finally figured it out……Thanks

Hmmm, I can see the pic…weird….email sent

Wow, thats very nice of you, I don’t mind paying though. Thanks. PM inbound.

Doingoutdoor, that's really nice of you! I'll keep you in mind the next time I make a purchase :)

Wow, now thats above and beyond.Glad I ordered my EA8 from them.-Rick

That is wonderful service.

That’s very good business! You can’t buy that sort of Advertisement/reputation.

Very good dealer me thinks. :slight_smile:


+1 to all the threads on the nice gesture from doingoutdoor. Thanks guys.

That’s awesome!! A+ Doingoutdoor!!!

Thanks again. You will definitely get my business in the future.

this is a very good service, want to do business with you.

Got the switch yesterday and it is all good now. Thanks again doingoutdoor