Jetbeam Interllicharger i4 PRO gets hot!

I bought the above mentioned charger from wallbuys on their hourseckill.
I charged various batteries and there has never been a problem.

Now I put in two 3100mAh 3,7V Panasonic NRC18650A protected batteries.
After charging 2-3 hours the charger got really hot and I precautionally pulled the plug.

Why does this happen?

This is how I put the batteries in:

1 2 3 4
|B| |B| |



My i2 gets hot when using it on a surface such as bed, carpet, polstered chair, leather chair etc. When I use it on a glass table, porcelain or wodden table it is almost room temperature, of course some heat there will be always no matter what.

It stood on a wooden table. Got really hot and not just warm…

I don’t have this charger, so I don’t know if it’s natural for it to get really hot. I know that some high voltage AC -> low voltage DC converters are getting really hot by design, some others don’t get hot at all.

I guess a helpful answer could only be given by someone who has this charger…

I got the an JetBeam i4 from wallbuys as well. Charged up some TF Flames 18650 (got the same day as when the chargers came) and didn’t notice it getting any warmer than usual. In comparison I was charging same batteries at the same time on a Nitecore i4 (also from wallbuys) and they both felt about the same temperature - warm, but not overly hot. Not even the cells felt warm.

Only thing different I was charging my batteries at the lower amp rate. I had 4 batteries in the Nitecore and 2 batteries in the JetBeam. I put them in slots 1 and 3 - I thought those were the 750 mah slots, but now I realize that I should have done slots 1 & 2 instead. My charger probably would be hotter if I did slots 1 & 2. I’ll have to try it again when I need to charge up.

I’ve had a Jetbeam I4 Pro, from an Amazon seller, for awhile, and use it on top of a granite counter top (to my wife’s dismay). It gets warm, but not what I’d call hot. I also have a Trustfire TR-003p4 (I think) that I use, and it gets a bit warmer than the Jetbeam, but not really hot.

FYI, the Jetbeam I have connects directly to AC (U.S.), and not using the 12V connector.

If you charge some other batteries in the same charger, does the charger still get as hot?

If I remember correctly on my i4 the bay
1 and 3
2 and4
share their current

So if you put them in 1 and 2 both charge with the maximum rate….

How hot is hot? We’re you able too put your hands on? How long?
For me hot starts when I put my hands on and my burned skin stays on the hot charger…

How old are your batteries, what brand and model?

As I posted above the batteries are 3100mAh Panasonic 18650 with protection.
Bought them on intl-outdoor a year ago.

Charged them with my Xtar WPII now and it gets warm but not hot.

Was is hot to me? Well I didnt burn my skin, but I cant say that is was a good feeling to touch that thing :smiley:

Maybe I should just put them in 1 and 2 next time and not in 1 and 3.

If I charge other batteries, theres no problem at all.
Charging 14500 trustfires it stays cold.

mine also gets hot enough to make me worry something is going wrong. I charged a 2 month old Sanyo 2600fm and a 6 month old pany 3100.
neither battery has seen a lot of cycles.

I tested the voltages the Sanyo in slot 1 got 4.16 and the pany got 4.2 on slot 4.

the charger warms up but not as much when charging nihm.

I also noticed that the charger does not have any writing on the upper portion of the back of the unit. I wonder if it is a fake.

I think the “real” Jetbeam I4 Pros have that misspelled name like “Inte*r*llicharger” or something like that. It’s molded into the plastic (I have a white one, but I think there are black ones nowadays).

I ordered 3 of this charger (not from wallbuys) and all getting really warm with four 18650. If I use only two, it's only a little bit warm.

I charge four 18650 and move the position on the side.

mine never get that hot only lukewarm and i think that’s normal isn’t?

You can try using slots 1+4 to give the cells some breathing room. I wonder what else is unique to these cells. Resistance maybe?

wallbuys i4 too...

My nimh's get too dang hot in this charger . I've said i don't care about my duraloops since I buy them so cheap but that 's not true .I'm not trying to kill them .I haven't noticed if the li -ion gets hot or not ..I'm just not thrilled with this charger .

Ive got the Nitecore I4 version that doest get to hot and has lasted at least the past 6 months of continuous duty. I always tip the charger up on its end to maximize heat transfer (plug up, cells pointing down). I just received the Jetbeam I4 today and after 5 minutes it got very hot and stopped working. There is a heavy burnt smell emanating from it. Taking it apart didnt reveal any obvious signs of component failure.

Now Im battling the grossly incompetent morons at wallbuys for a refund. If not ——> PP dispute. Not at all a surprise since I have to battle these idiots from time to time, but Ive never lost a PP dispute yet. Its just part of dealing with wallbuys imbeciles… noting at all new about that. :bigsmile:

BTW, my descriptions of wallbuys csr was putting it quite nicely. :wink: Their BLF ban was WELL deserved.

Sounds similar to what happened to gord’s Nitecore i4. :~ Good luck with Wallbuys/Paypal!

my nitcore i4 gets hot only when i charge 4x empty 18650's at the same time. once the 4x18650's are half-full, the charger cools down.

my cells (enewoop, liion) never get hot. the enewoops may get warm, but not hot.

Thanks chloe. They finally refunded my greenbacks. :smiley: I just tested the jetbeam i4 using the 12V power jack and it still works. It looks like the ac power supply blew out, relegating this charger to mobile duty.

All my >.75A chargers do the same thing when fully loaded with empty cells.