JETBeam NITEYE C8 PRO - Review powered flashlight 1 * 18650

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After the JETBeam E20R flashlight test - it’s time for something a little bigger, today the JETBeam C8 Pro.
The manufacturer’s flashlight was tested at

The package is almost identical to the E20R. Only the parameters and graphics of the flashlights have been changed. The power has also changed: from 16340 to 18650.

On the reverse of “copy, paste”, only parameters which in my opinion were not 100% true

The sides of the package - swapped data and pictures compared to the E20R. The packaging itself is dangerously reminiscent of the packaging of other manufacturers - we like how we create something

In addition to the flashlight in the package are also:

- papyrrology

- USB cable
lanyard for wrist

- Oringa backup

- good quality holster

  • JETBeam 2600mAh cell with security (check the description on the store page, the set may vary according to the store)

As a curiosity, the clip that was included with the E20R is here as a separate accessory (where logic?).

The manual is almost a total “copy, paste” with a few minor changes

Time to move on to the right issues

From the top is a beautiful, clean SMO spotlight, cold Luminus SST40 diode, and fast AR coatings that look quite thick. The photo in no way captures the true purity and beauty of this headlight, it is smooth, no striations, etc. - just beautiful

The aluminum crown (firmly glued) in the color of the torch, it looks as though someone stood with a knife and just cut off those massive sides - it makes a great effect, much better than the E20R (the E20R is quite sharp)

When I first took C8 Pro to hand I was hoping for a driver with a temp sensor and good stabilization, thick fine ribs, but would they be useful to us?

Button identical to the E20R, with the manufacturer’s logo, with the LED indicating the charge status of the cell. The click works just like the E20R, first we feel the spring, then the resistance and the characteristic click, very pleasant

On the other side of the USB port, performance as in the E20R - about 0.8A, but the rubber, hmm, in my opinion less fitting than in the smaller model. Material identical, but other folding, concerns about getting water to the flashlight I had on the E20R, the C8 Pro got even bigger

I do not know if it was intended by the manufacturer, but the center tube is of a different color (lighter and not so matte) than the rest of the flashlight. While the head itself is lovely, this measure … I hope it is only a defect in the test sample

Signs on the center tube suggest the manufacturer, model, and destination. And again - NESTLES, the C8 Pro subtitles are no longer in line with the port or click, why? Court

Mole on the cap and midrange, delicate, poorly perceptible,

Straight cap, without any inscription, etc., without magnet (E20R had magnet)

The old, proven way of assembling the leash was used in the C8 Pro - much more reliable than the E20R

Threads - well made, with good quality oats, and a small amount of grease, quality known from other manufacturers’ products

Spring in the cap, alive from the E20R - so thick, quite hard = good quality

And of course the driver, at least visually looks a bit different, but in practice it’s twin construction. Let me copy the description from E20R - slightly modify it.
At first glance, you can see protection against reverse polarity. The cell has a low voltage protection, JETBeam added one more to the controller - and at low voltage, below 3.4V will start to batter modes. At 3.4V the green LED of the switch will flash “slowly” and below 3.1V will accelerate, it is a sign that you need to replace and recharge the cell.

We turn on the flashlight with a single click. Enables the last mode memory. With single clicks we change modes. They operate in a loop from the highest to the lowest, I prefer the reverse operation.
Double click to activate strobe mode (whether flashlight is on or off)

Here is a curiosity, the readings in “A” refer to the charged links attached to both models. C8 Pro additionally checked with the link Samsung INR18650-35E and what turns out? I took lumens from the manufacturer’s tables, and the result is that the E20R in each mode offers less light, and from the readings of the meter it gets more energy. For the given data in the table by the manufacturer I recommend to take 10-15% of the reserve (plus minus).

Strobe mode, although not needed, here does a good job. Why?
We do not have a physical, hard-working button, so you have to secure it somehow. How? Definitely not unscrewing the tube. There is protection against accidentally turning on the flashlight.
Turn off the flashlight, press the button for 3 seconds, one flash, and the protection is active! Of course, to turn them off, we are acting anagogically.

But what about Strobe? With this option, you can always use a secured flashlight. Flashlight with active protection - two fast clips, Strobo activated, one click with standard mode loop, turn off flashlight - protection is active. In my opinion a great solution. This protection will be active even if we turn the flashlight to replace the cell, after the cell is replaced, it is active (but only a moment, then it resets)!

The instruction drops to 65% after 3 minutes. I checked this, and the graph shows a drop to about 50% after 1 minute and 30 seconds - this chart was nice … but on the E20R. With a larger design powered by 18650 cells I would require at least a 70-80% drop (like EAGTAC PX30LC2-R), or a temperature sensor.

Field shooting, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 2s, white balance - Fluorescent H

JETBeam C8 Pro (C8 Pro reminded me how cool diodes are XM-L2, wide, quite far with a beautiful light distribution)

Acebeam EC35


JETBeam E20R (noticeably broader, this is due to the use of different headlamps and different sizes

So is the JETBeam C8 Pro next to the Acebeam EC35 - which one do you think looks better? wink

And the JETBeam family in the set, the E20R and C8 Pro joined the old but still great JET - I MK

E20R next to C8 Pro, looks like a baby Smiley

I do not know why, but the E20R in this comparison, in my opinion looks the best! wink

Full size photos:

A few words to summarize:
After a few days of testing the E20R, C8 Pro landed in his pocket. The E20R is a great EDC flashlight, and I was hoping to get the same feel for the C8 Pro. In a few aspects I was disappointed with the expectations.
On the minus side I have to include a USB port plug. It looks less safe than the one on E20R. I use the JET-I MK model from time to time (ie now in the winter as a 1xAA powered torch) and not only because of the power supply, JETBeam creates cool flashlights. A company with many years of experience really can not put their temperature sensor into their controllers, do not break the time mode and use neutral diodes? So little divides JETBeam from the creation of some of the most beautiful, and possibly equally powerful flashlights (as drivers) as the competition.
Looks to the pros, looks, quality, control + balance modes (this mode, which we get after breaking with TURBO should be just another mode and like in the tested Fitorch, chopped up for example 3 minutes and one click re-raise to TURBO - if in general play in the time-snag mode). And what would not much say, JETBeam creates beautiful flashlights, they are just different, you can say - there are flashlights and is JETBeam.
Getting close to the end, apart from the look (which is a matter of taste), is simply an ordinary, non-distinctive flashlight. I do not know yet what the price will look like this model, I can recommend brand lovers (although for those, the higher price will not be an obstacle) in the range 25-35USD, above 40USD competition is not asleep.

Successful shopping !