Jetbeam super thrower

Jetbeams new thrower...

And probably super expensive, even their AA sized digital display lights cost considerably more than for example similar lights from Nitecore.

geez…thats one bad ass light. doubt it throws further than its competition, but it has some nice features like the variety of charging method, and the electric display screen, oh yea, and the side switch is very nice.

It’s decent throw for a triple XML but looking at the specs, it won’t keep up with the Fenix TK75

Jetbeam specs:
Function Parameters:

  1. Light source: 3*Cree U3 LED
  2. Battery: 3*18650
  3. Output & Runtime:
    Function High Middle Low Strobe
    Output 3200 LUMENS 500 LUMENS 30LUMENS 3200 LUMENS
    Runtime 2h 10h 60h
    Beam distance 450m
    Intensity 45000cd
    Waterproof IPX-8
  4. Output regulation: Side switch
  5. Circuit design: Constant current circuit, constant brightness.
    6 . Working voltage: 9-19V
  6. Waterproof: IPX-8
  7. Body: Aerospace aluminum
  8. Dimension: 164 mm (L ) x 67mm(D), weight: 480g

45,000cd=super thrower? I’m struggling to see how this can be called a “super thrower” in 2013.

Just FYI. You would have to buy 20 of these Jetbeams to equal 1 DEFT-X. 20!!! Does it really deserve to be called a “Super Thrower”?

yeah, i saw that spec. by the looks of the reflector and the overall output, it sounds low, and it is WAY low to be called “super thrower”

So when are you ordering this one? :P

I was hoping something to rival SR95S or MX25L2T from Jetbeam so that these big guys price will be more competitive.

Meh! Next! S)

Anyone noticed any difference in QC since Sysmax was cut out?

In my book a “super thrower” has to put out at least 100,000cd and upwards. This doesn’t quite qualify :expressionless:

they need to start working on/upgrade their basic series again, the bc40 needs and update, its falling behind the curve. but then again the MT40 seems to be update from nitecore. 45K would make it a decent throw flooder, not a super flooder by any means

hopefully in 5-7 business days..

dthrckt - I agree its not super..maybe not even a thrower. Gotta check with gang bang and he's book. I didnt read every page of specs , my bad.

Question - What thrower produces output of 3000 lumens? Not that this light can compete but you said the output was low?

To my limited understanding, to have throw you need a light that has a high lux value, not necessarily a high lumen value.

Lux is the light measured in the brightest spot of the hotspot, meanwhile lumens is the total overall light emitted, so spill+hotspot together.

At long distances the spill gets wasted, so a high lumen multi-emitter light is not really usefull there, because much of the emitted lumens is in the spill.

To have high lux numbers a light needs a big reflector that can catch as much as possible of the emitted light and collimate it into the hotspot.

As with every multi-emitter light produced to date (to my knowledge at least) the multi-emitter setup is always inferior in terms of throw compared to a single emitter/reflector of comparable size.

For example, take Thrunite TN30 and TN31, similar size, same model of emitter XM-L2:

TN30, 3 emitters, 3338 lumens, 42000cd, throw 440m (Ansi data from manufacturer)

TN31, 1 emitter , 1376 lumens, 90000cd, throw 820m

But there are people much better than me at explaining these concepts, supported with real physic laws. I'm still learning...

450m isn’t much of a thrower, seems more like a halfway between flood and throw.
As sexy as it is, for that price I’d buy a TN30 AND a TN31.

Answer: BTU Shocker, in steroids.

i meant with so much output, and that deep reflector, lux sounds low

Overall diameter is only 67mm. From the look of it, any of the 3 reflector segments had a theoretical diameter of abt 35mm if uncut. By being cut and composed together almost half of any reflector is lost. So the light emitted toward the center of the light, where the reflector is missing, is just lost into spill.

Cannot have big lux numbers with a reflector carved that way, IMHO

They don’t claim it’s a thrower. It’s clearly meant to beat the TN30(and similar) and does that if the specs are correct.

EDIT: Ooops! The new TN30 is 3300 lumens I think so it doesn’t quite get there.

I never liked the TM11 Tiny Monster,

Only 200 plus throw, nothing impressive at all.

A 2000 lumen light, with only 200 meter throw.

There are bicyclelights that throwing further than that.

Who has the TM11 Tiny Monster?

I think its a dissapointing light in comparison to the Fenix TK75.

TK75 throws more than 400 meters more.

Whats your opinion on the old Nitecore TM11 Tiny Monster?