Jetbeam TC-R1 Orings

I recently procured a used Jetbeam TC-R1, in flawless cosmetic condition. The rotator ring was extremely gritty, so I proceeded to open it and remedy the situation.

It seems someone had opened the light before, as it looks like the grease had been replaced by an unsuitable gunk. I cleaned it thoroughly and replaced it with my special blend which made the ring nice.

In that process, I found that 2 orings were absent from the light.

1 is the oring between bezel and body and 2 is the oring between the 2 parts that connect under the rotating selector ring (which is smaller). The orings on the lens and the battery compartment were there.

Can anyone please tell me the correct sizes for my missing orings? Thanks!

> I recently procured a used Jetbeam TC-R1


I do not know the answer to your question… Maybe Fanny knows and can sell you spares.

Thanks jon_slider! It is a fantastic light!

I am waiting to hear from the seller first, as this is his responsibility. Fanny is a last resort :slight_smile:

If you strike out with the seller, let me know, chap on the other forum replaced my o-rings and added a synthetic bushing that makes the grease obsolete. The light has a stiffer hand, but if it lands in mud, sand, gravel, etc. I just run it under the sink and let dry. I like the higher resistance turn. Sad bit is, the plandemic has closed the production plant where the bushings are produced. I’ve got two more TC-R1’s that I want the same process done to. Great light with a warm XM-L2.

Thanks! I do not know how the bushing can smooth out the spring loaded ball rolling on the titanium, but it sounds interesting. I am happy with the grease I am using though. I only need the sizes for those 2 orings. Do yuo think you can trouble your contact for those sizes?

I’m currently converting one to a triple. I can give you the sizes of both later today if that helps.

It does, a lot! Thanks!

That's the last time I'll come to your halloween party all dressed up jon_slider. :P

The bezel O-ring

O-ring Diameter 21mm

O-ring height 1.25mm

O-ring thickness 1.0mm

The reason I list thickness and height is the O-ring in this original TCR-1 I have is not round. If the O-ring is laying flat on a table measuring from the table to the top of the O-ring, its height is 1.25mm. With it still laying on the table, If I measure from the outside to the inside of the O-ring it is 1mm. Which measure to go with might be trial and error since the matting surfaces are contacting the 1mm dimension. It could be that its just deformed from several years of being compressed but I suspect it was made this way. 1mm should work but it might move around a bit.

The O-ring between the upper and lower part of the head

O-ring Diameter 14mm

O-ring thickness 1.10mm (its round)

14mm x 1mm might work but it did measure 1.10mm. Might be hard finding one at 1.10mm thickness.

If you find a source for these post up the links, I might get a few for spares.

I have seen orings swell from the lubricant, which may account for the odd sizes. The bezel oring expanded in the dimention it could and the smaller one just by 10%.

My guess is these are the orings needed:

Many thanks for your help. I ordered the above and I am confdent they will be correct.

Let us know how they work out. :+1:
I found a site that has O-rings for about anything.