jmpaul320's Lux measurements 2-2-13

I sent up my lux meter 13’ away and took 5 readings and averaged them… then converted back to 1m… if there was a reading that was off more than 15% I just threw it out and did it again.

here are my results @13’ (2/2/13)
sipik sk68 14500 (zoom mode) - 10,987 lux
hd2010 xml2 w/26650 trustfire flame - 55,486 lux
TN31mb (certified at 431kcd) - 379,013 lux (see note below)
jayrob xml-u2 rebel mag w/ucl - 46,285 lux
varapower 3 turbo w/4c tenergys - 287,415 lux
nitecore ea4w on 4 eneloops - 23,143 lux
skyray king xmlt6 3c w/ucl installed - 27,991 lux (not really a thrower but i was curious)

about the tn31mb - i do not believe my numbers to be accurate… I backed the light up another half meter or so to the wall and the numbers increased 7-8%… saabluster took his measurement of 431,000 lux at 8 meters. I suspect the beam is not fully collimated.

I am also curious to see what my mag 458 (10000 lumens+) scores with the smooth reflector… but I have to charge up my batteries first :slight_smile:

I will continue to update this thread as I take more measurements

Remeasure @ 19’

Varapower 3 turbo - 287,736 lux
Varapower 3 turbo aspheric - 344,495 lux
TN31mb - 412,824 lux

I backed up even more and the tn31mb was still going up… (432 at approx 25’)

Darn, only 379kcd… :wink:

updated OP with more measurements

Nice numbers. You might need to back up even more than 25’. With my SR90 (dedomed), even 15m reads a little low. It takes 25-50m to get its peak reading of about 195k. Though the TN31 likely with its tighter beam can get its peak closer.
I ordered my TN31mb about 5 days after you. Still waiting for mine though……

you will LOVE it

I’m starting to take lux measurements using my own meter and a borrower meter and 2 calibration lights, that use a total of 6 independent drivers for super stable output. The calibration equiptment is from Kevin at Lambda. I’m getting my measurements done at 1 meter. But I too have some very high lux lights and I wonder if an actual 1 meter measurement is even useful. What do you think 1 meter or more than that?

Depends on the lights but the farther away you can take measurements the more accurate they will be… Especially if you are not using a tripod….

Also most throwers lights spit out a beam that is not fully collimated till well after 1m… My tn31mb doesnt fully collimate until around 6m

What measurement did you take your vpt3 mb?

I did 12’ 19’ and 24’ and then converted them all back…. The 19’ and 24’ were within 2% of each other

Ok that really helps. I know it seems to throw about as well as any nonaspheric light I have yet my uncorrected 1m measurements weren’t much above 200Klux. I put it again oststn31x and it throws better and more light. I’m just surprised by that 304, but I don’t doubt it. Right now the real thrower of my group is the VPTxpg2 with DEFT aspheric. I’ll have to measure that at some distance.