Junk (heavy) 3C host giveaway

Can someone inspire me with this ugly thing? P60 dropin has a looot of space around and there will be problem with a side switch (can't get the original back together)..

Any ideas? It can host two 18650, but i don't have a lathe.

First thing I'd do is strip the paint job off of it. Eww!

The problem with turning incan lights into led is that they're not set up for heatsinking inside so you have to machine or whatever your own solution. Too much work for lazy people like me. :)

Send it to Match. He will mod it (after stripping that fugly paint) and then give it away here.

I found it near Kosice, it had ugly blue 5mm leds. Not cool white, really blue:)

Shipping to Match would cost as much as making custom heatsink probably..

okay, i don't have the skill or time to make this into a nice powerful flashlight, so i am giving it to whoever pays the shipping from slovakia to them :)

don't hesitate to contact me

It can't be worth the shipping to anywhere outside of slovakia ....lovely green :P

I'd tear it down and show people what's inside ...maybe take it back ..:)

edit ..my humble appologies ...

throw it up real high ...


there's nothing inside :) i'll maybe just throw it away if nobody wants it

and it's slovakia, not slovania :P