Just a quick Jetbeam M2S mod - dedomed xp-g2 stock driver

No doubt not a lot of us had done mods on this type of light, because it just does not worth and/or unnecessary.
I recently finished this little beauty, however it is quite not a budget light, i thought i’d share some pictures with you.
My fellow hunter bought is about 3 years ago, and he saw my t13 thrower, he wanted one, but is is out of stock everywhere, i had to mod his light.

As usual it has a very nice and even HAIII coating, and beautiful reflector and lens.

BUT, imho it has a very stupid pill and driver retaining idea. The “pill” with the led screws in from front, however the driver is underneath the pill threads locked with two screws in the body.
The wires to the led have to twist to each other during the assembly furthermore there is no place for extra length wires. The insulation on the negative wire even broke,even if it is shorted to the body, as it is a buck driver, it might not be a problem.

The positive(actually two positive because of the tight-loose mode switching) terminal pcb is then comes from the other end of the head. It was certainly not meant for easy disassembly.

the driver is a very nice buck type, i am sure i didn’t short out anything, but the mode switching does not work. Maybe it is due to the concave positive battery terminal, and my protected panas do not fit due to width to test it out

I just put a small copper disc under the emitter because the sinkpad was rattling inside, some arctic silver, the led, an insulator and the reflector.
Here comes another con: the L-shaped lens gasket stretches very easily. I disassembled it twice, and then the gasket was so stretched that it wouldn’t fit in, it just popped out, so i had to play a little.

The beam profile is not the best, but considering it is designed for sst-50, and the original led was a way deeper inside the reflector, i call it more than acceptable. The center hotspot looks just fine.
AND it does a very concentrated 175kCd :smiley: