Just back from the Sandbox

My friend has a son that just got back. He was a member of Seal Team 7. It's interesting to hear what he has to say about things over there and what things are really like and not edited through our media. A few things of interest that he said.

When we asked about having lights on their weapons and our concerns about by doing so, it would show the enemy just where we were and what to shoot at. This was his reply. There is no way of getting around having a light on your rifle. It's a necessary risk. You have to be able to see what you are shooting at even though an enemy can see you too. It's important to have your light bright enough to blind the enemy. Your weapons have to be better than the enemy weapons.

No matter what we hear about reliability and knockdown power of the .556 M16, they do the job and they like them. Don't ask them to do something they were not designed to do and keep the range to 300 yards or so and they work well. He said that if you hit them right, the bad guys go right down. He likes the 7.62 x 51 for longer range and for when the enemy is behind cover.

For night patrol they always have someone on the team carrying a 12 gauge shotgun and they were issued Benelli semi-auto guns. They are all trying to get their hands on Saiga 12 gauge shotguns with Hi-Cap mags. He said the Saiga is the shotgun to have for battle and they are devastating at close range. Nothing better for close range and clearing buildings, especially at night.

He also said that things are far worse over there than what we are being told and he is glad his time is up and he is getting out.

Glad he is back safely. Please relay my thanks for all he has done/is doing for our country.

As for gun mounted lights, combine a blinding light along with a light mount that holds the light @ 3ft to the side of you. That way they can't see you from the glare of the light and if they can still see enough to shoot they will always shoot 3ft to the side of you! Better yet, make the mount telescoping so you can keep it tight to the gun when moving and through brush then slide it out to the side when the shooting starts. ;)

Glad your friend is back okay and you could talk about the experience...always interesting to hear things first hand the way it really is.

Wow I had chills reading that just trying to imagine what horror that must be for him and all of are troops. Thank God he's home and tell him we all Thank him and the others for risking their lives for us.

Tell him thank u from me to

He is fortunate to be coming home at all. He was in Seal Team 7. If you remember, Seal Team 6 went down in the chopper crash that killed them all. He said it just as easily could have been Seal Team 7 that was called on that mission. Luck of the draw so to speak.