Just bought a couple new lights, let me know what you think

Well I probably should have asked first but I went ahead and bought a couple lights that didnt have any reviews (that I could find)



If they really are regulated at 2.5 and 2.8A I would think they should be pretty good performers.

The 501B really needs plenty of foil wrapped tightly around the drop in to handle the heat......and maybe shouldn't be run on high for more than a few minutes.

The 2130 is really floody. One user complained that his was 'too weak'........could have been faulty.

Keep us posted.

If you were expecting them to be regulated, prepare to be disappointed. All of these cheap high current 1-cell lights are DD.

I really like the design of the second one let us know how you like it. I got an Ultrafire 501B from DX a couple months ago and it was really good quality wise hopefully the Fandyfires are just as good.