Just bought a Streamlight Microstream, nice!

$14 shipped. Forward clicky with good pocket clip. Puts out more light than I expected. It is supposed to be only 20 lumins but seems like more somehow.
I got it because I really love my Stylus Pro and figured I would like this as well. I do. I am not sure if I like it more than the Stylus Pro or not.
I have an ITP EOS A3 which is supposed to be brighter but I don’t think it is. I only use Eneloopes not any 183737 batteries so maybe with one of those it is brighter but with the same battery, the little MicroStream seems brighter to me.
Anyway, it is a good light and blows my ITP out of the water as far as features I like. I like clicky not twisty. I like one mode not three that always seems to be in the wrong one and you have to cycle to just use it. I like a bitnof throw in a flashlight and the MS has a decent enough amount of throw to be useful.
This is one heck of a 1 AAA lite and should be one of the first lights recommended when a newbie asks for a decent 1 AAA light.
The pocket clip is much better than the ITP as well. It is also cheaper and looks better with the flat black anodizing rather than the shiny ITP. The ITP is smaller and lighter and does have a nice beam. The MS is pushing the limits of what I would key chain carry but since it has a decent clip, don’t have to.

I think you can LEGO the iTP head with the MS clicky body.

Nice score for $14

I didn’t know the Stylus or Microstream head was removable.
I kind of want to try one of those 18500 batteries to see what I am missing. I bet it makes the ITP a LOT brighter.

@speedsix: where did you purchased it? They offer free shipping outside US?

not 18500... 10440 is a lithium ion AAA http://www.batteryjunction.com/10440.html

Sorry this was a local seller on AR-15.com. I also now don’t believe I got the newest version so I would prob buy from Amazon to make sure you get the latest LED emitter.