Just got my new flashlight!

Hi all.

I finally got my Convoy L4 U2-1A from Banggood after 3 weeks.
It came in an envelope in a small unprotected box, very crushed! I am surprised that it survived.

I have to say….I am disappointed :frowning:

Formerly, I only had this cheap $10 flashlight + batteries from Amazon
I dont even know what brand the cheap flashlight is, but its better than the L4.

At short range, zoomed closer, the diameter of the spread of the cheap flashlight is twice as large, plus it is slightly whiter and brighter. It is the same brightness in the center as the edges.
The L4 seems less bright (because the light is mostly all sent to the center of the beam), has a much smaller, dimmer, slightly warm spread.

Whereas zoomed out at a distance, the cheap flashlight projects its square further, with more intensity than the small round hotspot from the center of the L4

I am amazed. How come a cheap XML T6 performs so much better than a more expensive XML2? The same battery was used
It seems like the L4 is a jack of all trades, master of none.

I am very disapointed with my choice of first serious flashlight. From now on, I think I will only by zoomies :frowning:

My L4 also arrived in a crushed box, and with a couple of dings, but it has become one of my go-to lights. As far as output and throw, it competes with lights far superior to its size and class.

Maybe you got a dud? The output of mine is simply stunning and there is no way a basic XM-L zoomie (which loses tons of light due to having no reflector) could ever outperform it. Remember that XM-Ls are cooler (purpler) than XM-L2, which sometimes allows them to appear brighter, but unless you have a problem with your battery and/or you got a dud, it’s not the fault of the L4.

Only thing I don’t like about the L4 is the “flash-up” tendency when using it in the lower modes and how it briefly flashes to the highest level for an instant. Still, it’s a pretty small flaw.

you’ve got to be kidding me right about that SK68/SK98 clone against Convoy L4?
L4 is a “thrower” and thus the hot spot is brighter in the middle and the other light is zoomie.
as far as the spill? of course Zoomie is better for close up work, but I don’t think it can match L4 in throw department and certainly not in lumens out put either ( not too mention L4 has better quality than those clones)

take a picture of the beam shots side side by side in an open field :slight_smile:

btw the L4 modes is on the side button and the tail cap button is for power only :wink:

Right, I know how to use it thanks :wink:

I agree. There doesnt seem to be any logic behind why its performance is so poor, unless its a dud.
I live on 200 acres, so I have taken it into my front field to do long distance tests, and I have used it on my front porch and shone it onto the trees in the woods in the background to test the length and intesity of the beam.
I’m not kidding, its OK but its not great.

I will say, that one area where it is better, is when aiming long distance onto the trees in the background the cheapo torch ONLY lights up where the square beam lands (but its bright).
The L4 doesnt throw as far and I have to shine it onto trees that are closer by, but where the hotspot lands there is a larger patch illuminated with some the surrounding areas slightly lit up.

So I think the L4 is better at mid-distance spread.

My theory, is that because it is trying to throw and spread all with one zoom setting it isnt going to be as good at either as the cheapo torch in its dedicated zoom mode, but its better at compromising.

Batteries will affect the flashlight as much as anything.
That L4 is going to draw a whole lot more than the sk98 clone.
Are you using a good battery?

Panasonic, Samsung, or LG?

I have been wanting to buy a Convoy L4 based on the Stellar comments on these lights. I agree with everyone else. Make sure you are using quality cells. There is no way a stock xml zoomie should be able to beat any quality C8 form factored light in throw. I had a sk98 clone and it has nice output(700 lumens) and pretty good throw (18k) but the L4 should do far better. If for some reason you just don’t like the light I will buy it from you. Just pm me.

Looks like the batteries are the problem.
They just can’t provide the current needed for L4 to shine. That would also explain how cheap zoomie can look whiter than 1A tint. L4 is current regulated and at lower currents it shifts to warmer and slightly greenish tint

I suspect the cells as well.

I would take a pic if I had my sk98 xml2 zoomie.

I’m fairly certain my L4 at ~3A will out throw my sk98 at ~3A both using quality cells.

I’m not using good batteries. I’m using the rubbish ones that came with the cheap flashlight in the picture.
I will need to order some good ones and an I4 charger and do the test again.
thanks for the suggestion

If SK98 is all you need… Boy, it is going to save you a lot of money in this hobby!

measure the tailcap current during operation and see what you get

Betcha that’s it. Do let us know how that goes. Crapper batteries will bring a good light down in nothing flat.

Is this a joke? Zoomies have a horrible looking beam, they go wide and they go far but look horrible at both. For $4 or $5 dollars they are pretty good and somewhat disposable. Don’t know how you could be disappointed in the L4 coming from a zoomie. Ninety-five percent of lights coming from China will be delivered in a crushed box. If you want a better box you have to buy the premium brand lights such as Fenix, Olight, or Jetbeam. Of the cheaper lights, some of the Convoy, Roche, and Supfire come with a hard box but most don’t.

Wait for the new quality battery and I’m sure you will be happy. L4 is the best bang for the buck flashlight I ever bought. I only have a problem with the switch but it was easily fixed with a simple mod. Now it is perfect except for some dings and dents that I did myself. :bigsmile:

so which are the best batteries without breaking the bank?


Not sure about any shipping issues though…

Wait, I read they should be charged to 4.30 or even 4.35 Volts.
But maybe that’s just a few mAh extra, I guess
(Sorry, can only guess…)

I would get these: mtnelectronics.com - Pana PF. $7.75 for one, US - he's got these in stock right now. I'd get the i2 charger for $14 from him as well. These cells are a nice compromise between performance (low resistance) and capacity - I think they make a good match to this light as stock.

Dunno what's goin with China shipping of cells right now...

those will give you more battery life, these will give less life but more consistent brightness

Welcome to the LiPo jungle…