Just gotta say.... I love my new puter....

Just before Christmas my laptop went the way of the DoDo. Being that we both have tablets & smart phones. We just said to heck with it! We don’t need a puter….I have been doing everything on my phone and tablet. We got a pretty decent return so we broke down & bought another puter… A 21 inch touchscreen Lenova Idea Centre… So far I love the thing. It has good speed , 6 gigs of ram & 1 terabyte of memory. MAN!! It’s so much simpler doing things on a full grown puter compared to a 10.1 tablet. This was a very tough transition for me. I was a complete HP fan & still am. But this Lenovo seems to be doing an awesome job! It’s a all in one which means there is no tower to mess with… Everything is wireless. So far I am very pleased with it.

Correction, you have 6GB of RAM aka memory and 1TB of hard drive or storage space, pet peeve of mine when people use those words interchangeable/wrong.

:bigsmile: LMAO

Congrats on a nice shiny new computer! (its more matte than shiny though)

Thanks!! & yes it is :smiley:

How are you liking Windows 8?

Just getting used to it. A bit more complicated that it needs to be IMO… But nothing a High Tech red neck like me can’t handle… :smiley:

I would take a very bad, but full blown normal keyboard over any touchscreen.

I like to use both hands while typing, and not just 1 finger…
That could be an interesting question; how many fingers do people use when typing on a touchscreen?

I completely understand… This has both… I don’t care for the touchscreen much either… Mrs. D seems to like it.

Just looked at some pictures, but that pc surely looks awesome!

“6 gigs of ram & 1 terabyte of memory” That laptop is sure fast! Not to mention its wireless ability. Your lucky. S)

Thanks Chibi! I guess time will tell. :slight_smile:

Ty Panther…… :slight_smile:

Wait… this doesn’t need to be plugged into an electrical outlet?

LOL, not quite that wireless… well untill I get that hamster & a wheel… :wink:

6 Gigs of Ram & 1 Terabyte of Hard Drive. How quaint :slight_smile:

hehe… PPtk

To heck with RAM and hard drive… how many gigaporns? Are any systems up into teraporn territory?

LOL! :stuck_out_tongue:

You launch space shuttles & such huh?

@ had the exact same specs. This one had a Hi def monitor whereas the HP didn’t & it was $50 cheaper……