Just learning

Hiya Peeps!!

I was recently brought over to this forum by a another member. I know absolutely nothing about todays new Flashlights. I recently purchased a new light and would like a revue of it by people who know about lights. Scaru, did a revue in another venue. Would like to see what anyone else might think. Bear in mind… I will more often than not have no idea what you are talking about if you get too technical.
But here goes… My new light? The Fenix PD32 Pros? Cons?

Guess you don't need me to start talking again. ;)

Nonsense! I can always learn something! Contrare to what my wife might say… :smiley:

My wife keeps telling me I better START learning something!And something about not listening, or something?

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We just quote them and +1, or deal with it. ;)

Without thinking of the Family Guy episode where the guys are in the police academy and Peter is instructed to give Quagmire a cavity search. LOL!!

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Well I think you made a good choice. It’s what I carry or at least what I carried until it was run over by a couple of cars just outside my driveway. It still works absolutely fine and only suffered a bunch of small pits and scratches on one side of the light so I think it gets an A for durability.


Good tint
_It has a slightly warmer tint but I still find it very pleasing and not green at all.
Nice Size
Makes for a nice EDC due to it’s cylindrical shape

_Never had a problem and it’s has with stood rain, submersion, getting run over by cars, a 6 and 8 year old, drops, etc…
Impressive mix of flood and throw
The emiter provides a great mix of throw and usable flood to shine through on many tasks

Hidden Strobe/SOS modes
You don’t have to cycle through these modes but instead are activated by holding down the side button


Does not tailstand
_A new must have for me on all future lights of this size
Would like a lower low mode instead of 9 lumens
Maybe 3 or less for getting around the house and not disturbing others.

Maybe a little more power
I know it’s probably just in my head but I would also like to blast 500+ lumens every once in awhile instead of the very competent 315.

Side button is hard to find at night
Both my daughter and I have determined on our walks that the side button is sometimes hard to find in the dark, and impossible with gloves on.

Overall a great light that I’m sure you will be very happy with. If it wasn’t for the asthetic reasons I would still be carrying it with me, but then I wouldn’t have gotten my solarforce L2P which also fixes the above cons, but still has others that the fenix didn’t. Oh well off to order another light and see if maybe it’s the perfect light. YEAH RIGHT! What fun would that be!

It’s all about the journey.

It really amazes me how in ‘tune’ people are to their torches. Your review covered many that others have pointed out as well…… :slight_smile:

The main advantage to the Fenix over the solarforce is the warranty. Of course this is negated if you purchase from lighthound.com, they have amazing CS. I had a light break after 3 months of EDC use and they replaced it no questions asked.