Just off the CNC - Update: It's Alve!

5 XM-l + 2 XP-G?

It looks great, it should leave all our poor flashlights in the dark hehe.

18 XM-L + 6 XP-G

Yeah.. I think it might beat out the solarforces and sky-rays :)

Looks very nice!

WOW Most impressive. If I could do that I would be making my own light bodies. Sadly I can't

I looked at the holes inside, but it is obvious I looked wrong hehe.

Wow, that should be a huge amount of light then.

What the final assembly is planned to look like...

Home anodizing or local shop that does it?

That is some sweet work there PilotPTK!

I love the idea.

Are you going to fit some optics to the LED's to focus them or what is your thoughts on that?

We may have our very own Macs Custom right here on BLF!

Thanks very much! Glad you like it!

Perhaps this picture will explain the plan for the optics.

I hate the mess and smell of anodizing 'stuff'.. For the small cost, I have a shop do it to MIL-A-8625 Type III, Class 2 specification


very nice project gz, hurry up! wish to see it in action :)

How you made the aluminum body?

How to fit and isolate the lens? my laziness make me think to a big rectangle of plexiglas to cover all xD

Most awesome bike light ever!!!! Can I have one with a bar and a helmet mount option? Cool

not sure why gz means - but It will probably still be 2-3 weeks before I have it fully built up.

CNC Machined from a 18" x 4" x 4" billet of 6061 Aluminum

I'm not sure I understand your question. The lenses will be attached to the mounting holes on the circuit board, positioned perfectly over the LEDs on the circuit board. On the front of the enclosure will be a piece of laser-cut Lexan with an aluminum bezel around the edge.

Ha! That would be great. It probably weighs more than your bike though :) Just the machined enclosure is a hair over 4 pounds, and that doesn't include circuit board, LEDs, lenses, screws, the lexan and aluminum bezel or the mounting brackets.. Plus, you'll need to supply it with about 20 AMPS at 12V :)

It would make an awesome bike light though!

Yeah, you're right. Please let us know when you've got the build complete. I would love your permission to link to it over at the mtbr forums DIY Light section. I think the biggest bar light I've seen over there is 10 LEDs, but they were pretty small ones, arranged 2x5.

I'll take two! One for the roof and one for the front bumper.

I'll keep this thread updated with my progress on the build. Right now, I have to finish the circuit board layout, get PCBs fabricated, build up the parts (LED's, microcontroller, Buck-Boost sections, etc.), debug, and then physically assemble the unit. Lots to do..

As for linking to another forum - Please feel free. I enjoy sharing my work and ideas.


Picture not showing up - but I actually have considered selling these once I have the design working and debugged.. I'll keep you informed if I decide to do that..


Yes please do. Idea of total costs?