Just ordered a Gerber Shard and an Uncle Bill's tweezers

As if my keychain isn't crowded enough (with keys! including that gigantanormous Renault card key)... but couldn't resist them anymore.

And this made me borrow 10$ from next month's budget... (I'm on self inflicted rehab from online shopping, 50$ a month, already spent 10$ over it, and just a third of the month has passed. AARrrrrgghhh rehab is good for me. Or my bank account, at least. And there are those books on discount, only 40$ total... books count only half their price, right? 'cause they're culture and stuff. So maybe I'll borrow 20$ more from next month... noooo!!! I'll just hold myself and swallow that 4.50$ discount I've lost. Need to learn not to spend too much. can't... resist... must cut off PayPal finger! going to sleep now, sunrise is in an hour or so... but I only buy what I need, right? SWMBO disagrees. ah well. night!)

I feel your pain !!! Being on a budget SUCKS !!!

Especially when the SWMBO discovered how to access the Google spreadsheet where I keep track of my orders...