Just ordered an Xtar VC4

Thought it worth mentioning that Banggood has the Xtar VC4 on sale. For buyers in the US ordering from the US warehouse and using the standard blf coupon code the price is $24.79. Seems like a pretty good deal to me. I can’t afford four batteries and a charger right now or I would have gone for the Nitecore charger mentioned in another thread.

That is a good charger.

True, it can realy revive zero dropped batteries ( Li 500 and Opus 2.2 cant) ,just dont use Blitzwolf USB charger with it, those two ” have issues”,

What is the problem with that combination?

My VC4 is buggy, and right off the bat it tried to cook a couple of 26650s on me.

I’ve since tried to figure it out, and the problem seems to be with the slot on the left side. The center slots seem to work well enough, as does the right hand (1 A. ) slot, but as soon as you put a battery in the left slot it drives all the others crazy and none of them want to terminate anywhere near their proper voltages. I’ve had them terminate anywhere from 3.10 to ‘I’m gonna burn down the house’.

Sometimes the empty left slot will spontaneously start banging the needle hard over and showing “FULL” when there’s not even a battery in it! I absolutely will not use it, and stopped after my experimentation to try to figure it out.

I really should pop it open and see whats in there. Maybe its just a loose connection or maybe something shorting across. I queried Xtar but they didn’t respond, and admittedly it’s not even worth the postage to send it back. Sometimes you just get a dud, I guess - everyone else seems to have very good luck with them.

I picked up the competitive product, Liitokala Lii - 500, for $23.92 at GB “[link]”:http://www.gearbest.com/chargers/pp_228907.html. I chose Priority Direct Mail/American Direct Express for faster delivery and free tracking. There was no additional charge for this service.

I bought this one rather than the Xtar VC4 because the Liitokala Lii - 500 can simultaneously charge 4 batteries at 1A each. It can also cycle through and test the capacity of batteries.

same question — what?
I’m using exactly that combination.

Slight buzz occasionally noticeable from the BlitzWolf

Will I get blown up eventually?

I’m using that combination as well. Sometimes the charge current drops, would be interested to figure out why.
Ordered a Liitokala 400 now to be able to charge four 18650’s @ 1A.

Read the posts from number 106 onwards on this page ?page=3

ah, ok, I’ve been using the 4-port BlitzWolf (40-watt, 2.4A) power supply, and haven’t seen any drop on the charger meters as people in that thread described seeing.
Those issues were, I think, all reported with the 2-port BW power supply.

At this point all I can do is hope for a good one since it shipped today. I’ve read a lot of positive comments about the VC4 and the sale price, blf discount, and availability from the us warehouse were factors in the decision. I thought it was worth commenting since the price with the blf discount was below the price using the code found elsewhere on this forum.

Thanks for sharing. Indeed one of my Blitzwolf 2-port chargers has the described issue too.

VC4 delivered today and verified on the xtar website. I’ll put some nimh through discharge/charge to test capacity and familiarize myself with its functions while waiting for li batts to arrive. Two orders so far from banggood and both shipped within 24 hours.

I got one for $20 from GB and it is a great charger.