Just pictures of a Sofirn S11c driver

I took apart a sofirn S11c zoomie because who cares. Hasn’t been used in a year. Im just leaving these pictures of the driver here for posterity or w/e. Might as well put them somewhere on the off chance it’s ever useful to anybody. Sorry people, nothing exciting going on here.

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At the bottom of second picture there’s a coil (?) - do You know what it’s for?

That’s a nasty spring

Ya the tailspring is the same way. It’s not gold like brass and it’s not reddish like copper, it’s brown. Idk what it is. It’s not very springy. Also traces so thin they kinda disappear at some points. But what can ya do, it’s like a $9 light including the battery.

I have no idea. Never seen that before. At first I thought it was some kind of polarity protection, then I thought maybe it has to do with the zoomie-ness. But wouldn’t they use steel for that. Or maybe not, hard to solder. I’m not quite sure. It touches the metal shelf thing the emitter is on when it’s assembled. Looks like this

And the spring is touching that metal. It must have to do with the zooming I’d think.

That spring is for negative contact. I added a wire since contact wasn’t great.

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Thanks for posting! I love to see stuff innards!

BTW, is there an MCU in that?

Oh…ya that’s definitely what it’s for lmao

Hey, for the price and a pretty decent zommie beam, it wasn’t a bad light at all.

Pretty good light for The Muggle, too.

Not too high-strung, wouldn’t set your pantaloons on fire if it accidentally switched on, so what’s not to like?

Oh ya, not bad at all for the price. Especially if you want charging.

Has one of the least green 5000k lh351ds I’ve seen. And it’s on the tiniest little PCB. Whole thing almost fits inside a 7070 centering ring.

Oh ya, when I took it out I thought the emitter was attached to the PCB with just epoxy cuz there’s epoxy coming out from underneath

But no, PCB is perforated, or I guess you could call them thermal vias?

So the epoxy that stuck the PCB down was just squished up through the little holes. Heat transfer I guess? Thought that was neat. Was this direct thermal path back in the day? Retro

hi. that mcpbc looks similar to my anker lc90’s. mine was elevated on the pill via a solid rod of aluminum. this is interesting to me because im trying to figure out how different mcpbcs are setup. check out this one below… i think this one is beautiful. i want to make it. it was an old sofirn and blf collaboration to make a flashlight. i would buy it

with epoxy, I always thought they weren’t good at thermal conducting. like plastics right?

I don’t think that one would be called an mcpcb. It’s mostly FR4 I think, or some resin/fiberglass thing like that. The metal is just like a backing. Built to a budget

Ya, there’s thermal epoxy though. They mix something thermally conductive in there. Idk if this is technically epoxy, I’m just guessing that’s what it is. Its some kind of semi-permanent thermal adhesive. It was stuck on there good.

That’s a nice looking light