Just selling some lights

Hey all, I’m selling a few of the lights I don’t use/need anymore. Most of them have some wear and scuffs/marks/dents/etc… If you want more pics of a specific light, just PM me and I’ll send em on over.
All prices include shipping to the U.S. International shipping will be added to cost.

(Sold)Nitecore TM16GT stock ($100)

(Sold)Thorfire VG10 (like new) ($15)

(Sold)Convoy L4 replaced emitter with XPL HI nw tint ($30)

Eagletac T200C2 (beat all to heck and back, still works great!) ($25)

Blackshadow Padme (replaced driver with Qlite 7135*10 Guppydrv, mode selector ring no longer selects modes) ($25)

That’s all for right now, but I may add more to this list in the future. Gotta save up for a new windshield… :FACEPALM:

quick, raise your price on that S70 before somebody sees it!

Does the Nitecore EA41 still use 4xAA?

I will take the S70!

Pm sent

PM sent

PM sent!

Nah, 4x 14500s. I wish I could have made it run on the AAs, but that probably would have had terrible run time!

Hehe, I hear ya! It was a bear getting that thing working right. It wasn’t a particularly difficult job, I just kept running into problems with everything else!

IF I may ask a couple of quick questions…although I wouldn’t be surprised if they get sold before you can answer my questions. :smiley:

The Cometa, any problems? Does it already have an insulator of some sort to avoid the grounding issues I’ve read about?

The EA41…any idea what kind of bump in performance (throw, flood, lumens) your mod made? And does it still seem to handle heat ok?

Thanks for any info!


Added two new lights to OP

I will take the s70

Man, some crazy good deals on S70’s lately.

Yea, I had a couple of them laying around collecting dust. Maybe they’ll do someone more good than they did me!


S70 arrived this morning. All I can say is wow! This beast draws 10.01 amps on high! Good light, good seller! Only a couple of small nicks in the ano, I am sure I will add some over time as well.

Thanks Matt

Just turned your Thorfire JM07 into an XHP 70 3mode. Dumped the side switch and piggybacked a driver. Two 26350 and nice! Lumen thrower now. Thanks again!!

S70 arrived and packing was excellent. Light is in like new condition and works like a gem. Thanks.

PM sent.