K08 w/ KW-2

As there is very little info on this host, I’ll try to add some. AE link

The colour has a copper tinted brown colour (“dessert tan”). It comes complete with the reflector (OP or SMO - the latter I requested as a side note), a 9 mm gasket to fit a 5 x 5 footprint LED, and an Omten 17 mm heavy duty reverse click switch (rated @ 1.5 A / 120 V). The spring is heavy gauge phosphor bronze (my estimate). There is a shelf ~ 5mm thick and the lens is 29 x 2 mm but is not anti-reflective.
The retaining ring is strangely machined brass, with a 20 mm diameter x 1.6 mm deep pocket and a plastic shouldered bushing (cavity side). This insert I removed as it isolated the electrical path and replaced it with a metal ring of some 1 mm thick to accommodate my driver. Another shouldered bushing is also found in the tailcap retainer that I removed although there is electrical conductivity to the tube. The cavity, quite deep and generous space, has a shallow pocket of 22 dia. x ~1 mm. The design is for 22 as well as 20 mm drivers but a thin plastic ring must be used to withhold the smaller driver. As a side note; the isolation bushing I don’t see it’s use - perhaps to accommodate a secondary conductive tube for an E-switch in the tail? The retainer has a deep-pocketed ring as for a large spring.
Threads are standard 60º and O-rings are the silicone type, red in colour. Lube to your discretion. The body tube is reversible and the knurling is plain diamond-type and not very deep - doesn’t cut into my hands. The straight knurl on the tail is proper but the one on the head is more fictitious - the pattern is similar but less deep.

Enclosed are a few pics; I put in a KW-2 (Osram KW CSLPM1-TG) and a P5000 driver. At 15 Watts, the host can handle the heat without issue. Surprisingly, the Moon mode works as the spec’d minimum is 10 mA and the driver gives 5 mA. I had also ordered a Convoy SST-40 driver as it has user-defined modes; but I might not change as the levels are well spaced: moon - 13, low - 100, mid - 375, high - 1000, and turbo - 1200 lumens. These are ceiling bounce values (I ordered a lux meter to make my own integrated lightbox, FastTech is not fast).

Under incandescent light, the host has some bronze aspect. I like it!

Exploded view.

Moon at 8’ (2.4 m) - slight green tint.

Low - camera added slight ring artifacts.

Overall, a nice hunk of aluminium. Not an EDC but pocketable. Really liking the white flat. The hotspot has no corona and is ‘warmish’ white (although it is marked at 5400ºK). On turbo (6000 mA) this gets cooler, but not aggressive. There is a slight ring on the outer edge of the spill; expected without AR.

I did take it out along the river barge. The throw is surprising for 1000 lumens. And it definitely is blinding - a stray cat was mesmerized and didn’t even wink (“headlight fright”).