K1 SBT90.2-Beam Shots,Videos and Comparisons


Just to clarify.All beam shots are from the K1 SBT90.2. Video is self explanatory.

Tree 240 Yards

Tree 120 yards

Additional beam shots from other lights. Link below


I Had 7 perfect nights[minus the bugs].

Mad a lot of Youtube videos and took a lot of decent pics. I am satisfied with the results considering I am not a professional photographer/videographer Like Vestureofblood and others :THUMBS-UP: My Samsung Galaxy A50 does well.

Thank you Baron. Well done.

You are welcome.

Few from tonights excursion.

Across the river. About 110 yards

A bit blurry

How’s the battery life. Is it enough to last you a good walk at night?

That depends on how we use it. For me,I use it on max until it gets too hot. Then ramp down to let it cool off for a few minutes and begin that cycle again. With that method a Molicel P46A will last about 15 minutes, very similar to my NI40 W/ Aspire/Golisi 26650.

My simple indoor tail stand test resulted in total combined Max of 10 minutes. 4 minutes to cool off in between increments[2 min.] and the voltage is 3.55V[After rest].

My walks, either by myself or with my buddy are between 60 and 90 minutes. So I bring at least Three torches and extra batteries.

K1 Solo

Glad you like it :+1:
it’s an awesome light

Only negative I can think of is the short handle/battery tube. It makes it feel more top heavy and especially harder to hold. A 26650 Golisi/Aspire may have ever so slightly less amps but a much better grip/feel like the NI40.

Oh yes. It is the shortest 18650/21700/26650 battery tube that I have. I find myself holding the tail cap[because of the expected heat] for that last 30 seconds of Max.

It may be time to pack it up for my threads. Not much interest. lol.

I enjoy them but it may Not be worth my effort, girlfriend feels that way and it appears many BLFers do to. lol. :wink:

This thread 271 views only 3 replies.

My beamshot/video CFT90/SBT90.2 thread 897/12 responses.

Folomov A4 thread 387 views/7 replies.

I thought my beam shots were better than the majority.Just being honest. No suburban or city light pollution where you can see the TRUE nature of the beam profile not hindered or distorted by that light pollution.

Time to enjoy my lights with my buddy and his German Shepherd, Baron.

Sorry to see you stop, yes I agree, very good beam shots especially for a LED without many currently available visual resources.

Your beam shots and video have been exactly what I’ve needed to help me make some SBT90.2 comparative decisions.

You may not get many comments because your post is helpful as an observation of the beams, so it is more of a statement that does not necessarily elicit comment. I have also viewed several times without logging in using this for quick reference so this type of viewing may affect the “views” recorded.

Don’t want to get in the way of domestic tranquility however, I know how it goes :slight_smile:


I like seeing this but don’t have anything to comment except “thanks for the beamshots”.

Please don’t take lack of comments as lack of interest or appreciation. I really enjoy the quality beamshots. If it’s work to do these then I can understand stopping, but if you enjoy it I think there is great value for the community.

Baron, thanks for those great beam shots they really show the performance of the SBT90.2.

I personally don’t own any lights with this emitter yet, so any comparisons against other known throwers (Osram White, etc.) where the performance difference could be hightlighted would really be interesting.

These outdoor beam shots take time to locate, stage, shoot, edit and post. Your’s certainly reflect that effort. I hope get to enjoy some of those nice locations while there. Seeing wildlife in your shots was also interesting. Thanks for posting those.

Thanks for posting these beam shots, only ones I could find of location similar to what I will be using mine in.

I have one on order and trying to determine if it’s worth keeping my ft03s, Or of the K1 sbt90.2 is totally going to replace It. I don’t love redundancy, I’d rather sell one and buy something else I don’t have. Like that x65 mini sounds cool!

Thanks again Baron!