K65 mod

On an Acebeam k65, can the LED run straight off the battery pack (via a switch)? Reason I asked because the functions on the light had gone haywire I want to bypass it with a momentary switch so I can pan the field for several seconds.

The battery pack puts out 16+V and I don't know what the LED is rated for and I can use the diodes to cut the voltage to safe level.

Is it possible? Thanks.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I believe you’d want to source a new driver board for it such as from mtnelectronics or lexel (measure the board on your light) and go that route.

The 70.2 emitter could be mounted as 6V or 12V. If it’s mounted as 6V and you direct drive it from 16V it would probably die in short order. If it’s mounted as 12V, well, it might still get too many amps. It would probably be best there to fix the driver or acquire a new one. Acebeam like to use proprietary set-ups so you might be best off seeking warranty repair or replacement. They like to glue stuff together as well.

Good luck!

You say that it’s not working right, what’s it doing?

As to the functions I turn it on it's on moonbeam level. Next up becomes SOS. Nothing changes after that. Double click will get to turbo but double click is back to SOS.

If I unscrew the shell thus disconnecting the battery pack it'll go through the settings but skip the 250 lumen part. That's where the SOS comes in sometimes.

As to turbo mode it doesn't go to 6200 lumens (when cold). A jump from 3500 lumen to turbo is very small giving me an impression it's only 4000 lumen. The strobe function however is 6200 lumen and certainly bright.

I did an experiment. After fully recharging the bats I timed the turbo part for step downs. Supposed to start stepping down at 3 min mark but after 5 minutes it's the same. It got pretty hot then.

Does sound like the driver has some issues. This is the new 90.2 version? If this is the new 90.2 from Luminus then it’s a 3V emitter and you will definitely run into issues trying to direct drive from a 16V source….

Have you checked that all retaining rings are snug? Ground issues present in different ways but they always cause issues when there.

What cells are you using? This emitter (if the 90.2) can pull some serious amperage and most protected cells will have issues delivering the required power, depends on many variables of course… a buck driver supplying regulated current should be pulling comparatively low amperage from each cell but stranger things have happened.

As I found out it's an old model (not GT) and used. I learned that later but I was promised a refund, seems a runaround instead. I will know for sure as I'm to allow 5-10 days. Was 3 days then they said they lost the order no which I gave to them.

The bats was the recommended set, Acebeam 3100 mah protected.

Seems I found the problem with my card. My card got declined twice from Amazon for the Sofirn Q8 light. I decided to go to the ATM and try to draw some cash. Found out the card was restricted.

Can't blame the bank for protecting me but it is annoying. It is because I tried to buy the Q8 at Banggood. Might be the reason I can't get a refund for the Acebeam. Gonna have to go to the bank tomorrow and get the card released. usually I get a new card in cases like this.

Ugh, I always get frustrated with that kind of technical difficulty…