Kaidomain, Anyone else unable to checkout?

Kaidomain keeps throwing this error in both Firefox and Chromium, yesterday and today

Happens after clicking pay on the paypal’s page and it redirects you back to Kaidomain. Order is not completed, paypal shows no transaction. Hopefully they fix it and respond to my message about the problem.

Come on Kaidomain! Let me throw money at you! :smiley: :frowning: :expressionless:

Is there a Kaidomain rep on BLF?

Firefox 43.0.4 and Chromium 48.0.2564.82

Um there is a chromium browser? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the program path has a typo to the product and paypal can’t find the item so u can’t finish the transaction. At least that’s my guess. Well you juz have to wait then. Did u try checking out with any other products?

Hi friend,

Sorry for any inconvenience cause to you.

I had tried to checkout and no problem at all.

May i know what are the items are you want to order?

If you have any question, you can send an email to sales@kaidomain.com

We would try to help to solve out your problem.


This item: sku S024710 14mm(D) x 8mm(H ) Silicone Tailcaps - Transparent ( 5 pcs )
Thank you for your response.

Cnqg was offline yesterday as well.

Chromium is the Google Chrome browser without any of google’s tracking code. Google releases the open-source code to the Chrome browser.

http://cnqualitygoods.com/ still seems to be offline. Ric’s new site http://edc-light.com/ doesn’t present any option to pay besides bank transfer and “T/T”.

So that eliminates the other option for 14mm clear tailcaps, at least for the moment.

Aliexpress currently won’t let me add a Jax X6 to my cart. I don’t really have the cash spare to buy one, but I want to get one ASAP to secure one. So no more beers for the next few weeks :beer:

Something to do with Chinese New Years ?? Sellers disabling site sales, so there is no backlog after the holidays ???

Same problem with Kaidomain I have…

Same thing just happened to me, tried to order nichia 219b emitter with firefox browser. Guess I just order elsewhere.

No problem for me just a few days ago. Maybe try again a little later.

Ordered stuff a month ago no problem. It all arrived last week.