Kaidomain purchase...

Received a drop-in for SolarForce L2m paid $11.84.
Worked great for short time and now is broken.
Wrote e-mail to seller the answer was very kind to
just return the drop in.
The price of postage is out of question.
Looking for suggestions.

If you can fix it, counter offer the difference of what is salvageable subtracted from original price. Write them a brief explanation of the proposal. It worked for me. YMMV

See: http://kaidomain.com/Help/Index/-1/7

They seem to be saying that if you made the purchase less than 60 days ago, they will reimburse the cost of return shipping.

If it’s been longer than that, I guess you’re out of luck.

Maybe send it to E1320 he could fix it if you cant work anything out with SF! Heck maybe even make it better then it was!