Kaidomain slow

I have two orders outstanding with KD, first I placed on 7th Oct, neither has arrived. When I complained they said pay $2 and they will resend registered airmail (they were very quick to suggest this). I sent the $2 a week ago, but no reply to my eMails since.

I’ll give them one more chance before I contact PayPal. Anyone else having problems with them at the moment?

No, the shipping has been fine in my orders from this year, everything arrived within a couple of weeks. You may have been unlucky, or KD is getting worse, I don’t know.

My last order only took 3 weeks to arrive which is impressive given that I only ordered 2 bare emitters and a small reflector.

I know in the past KD has been slow with some stuff and quick with others (typically slower than DX). I was quite surprised how quick I was getting email replies from them, until I paid the $2 they asked for, now nothing for a week.


Please PM me your order number or send an email to sales@kaidomain.com for inquiry.

Since this is peak season for the package delivery, some packages maybe delayed for some times.

Hope you can understand with us.



Pretty sure that with chinese stores like kaidomain stuff if shipped by boat for cost reasons, so the order needs to get on a boat, get loaded, travel, get unloaded, sorted, etc…

I haven’t had any problems with KD all orders arrived within three weeks, I always pay for tracking though, pretty sure Ban will sort it out for you.

Thanks for the offer of help BanL, but I received a reply from KD this morning and have a tracking number. If I have any more problems I’ll PM you. I just got a bit worried as my support questions were being answered very quickly, then when I paid the $2 extra KD went quite for a week.

all shipping is slow right now.carriers and customs are overloaded with holiday packages.
not a bit unusual for packages to disappear in customs if they contain batteries too.

I have not ordered from them in many years; but in mid November placed an order for an emitter board and clicky switch. A week later it had not been acknowledged, and after 2 emails Kaidomain sales finally responded. They said that shipping through Turkey was slow lately and that I should expect it to take a month. I am in the US. They provided tracking info through an all-in-one Chinese site and, sure enough, it is shown as having originated in Turkey. Huh?


Thanks for your understanding.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me.



During this period, i suggest you choose to have registered airmail.

Since this is the peak season for the package delivery, i understand the local post officers need to handle a volume of parcel from different places. There is easier to have package delayed or lost in this period.

We would responsible for the package lost or delivered failed. Please don’t be worried.

I hope you can understand with us and be patient to wait for some more days.



They just told me 6 weeks later, that my order is out of stock. And that’s only because this is the second email I sent requesting an update.

What does kaidomain use for registered airmail? Chinapost?


We will choose the appropriate logistics courier for you by default. You can also specific what is the logistics courier are you prefer.

You can leave us a message when you place the order.

I placed order with KD on 12/30/16.

Got email that order was created on 1/2/17.

Have not received merchandise, or any shipping notification.

Sent reply email today on their order notification email 1/2 asking where is order.

Their system sent an auto-reply email saying they are on holiday from 1/22 - 2/5 .

I ordered from Dealextreme on same day 12/30, and have had that merchandise for 10 days.

KD very slow, unacceptably slow.

Hi friend,

You can PM me your order number.

I will help to check the shipment status for you.

Happy Chinese New Year :smiley:


Support @ kaidomain.com KD

You do realize that pretty much all of China is in the middle of a monthly-long holiday. Let them enjoy it and relax, you have like 180 days to file a claim.

Hi friend

Thanks for your supporting and understanding with us.

If you have any urgent matter or inquiry, you can also PM me or leave me a message.

I will respond asap.

Maybe there is some delayed for the answering.

Hope you can understand with it.

Happy New Chinese and Gong Xi Fa Cai


Support @ kaidomain.com KD

I became alarmed after checking tracking on order number.

Nothing showed up on tracking yesterday , after order confirmation on 1/2/17.

Holiday started 1/22 as stated in their auto response email and in my post.

I felt 20 days is enough time to ship order.

Ban l has responded to via email, and item was shipped 1/16.

If I had gotten email or shipment notification everything would be cool.