Kaidomain very quick delivery!

Just a small jiffy bag/padded envelope with bit’s and piece’s.

What a nice surprise to find it delivered today, 8 day’s delivery to the UK which is fantastic!

I took the option of paying only $2 extra for the registered post with tracking. :wink:

Thanks Kaidomain! :slight_smile:

That’s what will get additional order’s.

☆☆In another thread a tracking number from another seller wasn’t recognised, all is well there too and has been from the start after contacting the seller.(I’ll update that thread shortly) Thank You! :slight_smile: ☆☆

I have a different experience with kaidomain.

I have ordered a flashlight on 1-11-2016
Got a e-mail that it is shipped on 1-23-2016
Today 2-24-2016 still haven’t received the flashlight.

And I live in the netherlands.

@up stolem by mailman :slight_smile: Not Kai fault.

Ever since PTT ehm PTT POST ehm TPG ehm argh!! POSTNL is in decline (for about ten years slowly getting worse by the year) the postal service of The Netherlands has lost all standing.
Even our mailman here in rural France shakes his head over PostNL and knows it has a very bad reputation.
Tracked and insured are unfortunately the only way to be somewhat sure (and still they manage to dup parcels over the fence of neighbours :stuck_out_tongue: now and then.
PostNL works with these ZZPers who are paid too little and do not have the honor and bond with their job the old postbodes (mailmans) had. Glad to see that La Poste has found a way to get income by delivering groceries and medicines in rural France, employees of la Poste still have that old fashioned honor and are rightfully treated with respect, a great improvement from The Netherlands when we moved here.

9 days to New Zealand. But it is obviously not KD delivering, it’s the order processing time that one must consider when praising a seller, not the delivery time. Once its out-of-house, KD has no hand in delivery times.
Praise the delivery system.

Hi friend

You can PM me your order number.

I would help to track your shipment and see how we can help.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me.

Best Regards


@ Miller
PostNL is indeed very bad. In my neighborhood they use disabled people to deliver there mail. PostNL gets this way subsidy from the government.

There are few scenarios I can think of why I haven’t received my light:

  • Post NL delivered on the wrong postal address and my neighbor is keeping the flashlight. (It has already happened that a neighbor from 10 houses away needed to delivery my package)
  • The Mailman is to lazy and is waiting for more packages to deliver. ( At one time I got 4 packages delivered at once. Can that be coincidence? )
  • Kaidomain hasn’t shipped the item, because of a clearance sale and no tracking number.

*The dutch customs are holding my package.