KAIDOMAIN xhp70 LED gets super heated in just a few seconds

I bought two xhp70@copper copper pcb LEDs from kaidomain, at 12v it gets super heated to over 250f/180c in just a few seconds, not overdriven at all. it’s mounted to a sizeable aluminum host.

I’m sure they didn’t send me by mistake the 6v version, at 11v-10v it’s already very weak, also written 12v on the package

The only reason I boguth from kaidomain is a recommendation from this forum’s user…

xhp should be overdrive-able to 14v easily and kaidomain at 12v is already half dead.

The store only accepted refund wtihout covering shipping cost which is 50% of the order price… so there’s no real compensation here… just a scamming lying store

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Pictures of this LED?

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Did you buy it bare or mounted on an mcpcb? Afik all xhp70 are 6 or 12v and it’s up to the pads on the mcpcb to dictate one or the other. So if it was mounted to a 6v-configured board and you gave it 12v… that could be the problem.

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Show us some close-up pictures!

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Kaidomain 12V mcpcb doesn’t really work. One anode and one cathode is connected to the thermal pad. 70.2’ and 70.3’s have anodes and cathodes in pairs.Check yourself.

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Whats wrong? Its a normal landing pad for 12v .

If without heatsink it must for sure.

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It’s a serious accusation. Hope you have triple-checked this. These are heavy words.

I can say many bad things about their shipping time and shipping handling, but having over 100 orders delivered, never experienced fake products.

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mounted to the headlight in the picture Imgur: The magic of the Internet
almost instant 250f/180c

as in picture, mounted with high quality thermal paste for cpu’s (arctic)

it’s real. they don’t take responsibility and keep selling it as cree.

Imgur: The magic of the Internet sizeable heatsink as in picture

the funny thing, the headlight(host+led) I bought from aliexpress you see in the imgur link was also sold as “cree xhp70”, then I measured the current, took pictures and realized it was fake(the store told me" you expect to get a real xhp for such a low price!?")

so two fake xhp’s…
if you want the real one but from American stores like digikey/mouser

what do you mean by “doesnt work” ? the golden plated copper bottom is attached to a large aluminum host with thermal paste

Looks genuine. Anyway mcpcb for this kind of power should have direct thermal patch. I dont know if KD star have it.

theres a massive thermal path the way I installed it

What power supply - driver you use? Maybe its tuned for that fake led ? ;))

This is what I meant when I said it doesn’t work

Half of the cathode and anode are directly connected to central thermal pad, which should be insulated.

So its bad PCB tracing? One side shorted? Sure it will heat up :rofl: