Kaidomains triple XML drop-in

I wonder if this drop-in with threads will fit in a Trustfire TR-1200??


You wouldn't want it for a 1200 anyway because there's going to be hardly any contact to conduct away heat.

Hmm, interesting. What host is it for then?

A few months ago I was planning to build my own 5x XM-L drop-in, using parts from DX, but once all these complete triple-XM-L lights became available, I nixed my plan. My plan was to bump up the drive current from the stock 800 mA to around 1.2 A, which would have meant the light getting pretty hot pretty fast, but I was okay with that--I would have used High mode sparingly. So I wonder how hard the LEDs in this drop-in are driven. As agenthex said, the contact with the flashlight body is pretty skimpy--just a few threads at the very top of the reflector, which screws into the head near the bezel.

If these LEDs are driven at 2A, then 2A * 3 LEDs = 1.2 A * 5 LEDs, approximately.

I did some approximate calculations in this thread: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/1463.

The WF-500 with a 5x XRE drop-in dissipates about 14.4W. This triple XM-L drop-in, if it pushes 2A through the LEDs, would dissipate about 19.1 W and produce about 2050 emitter lumens.

How less the contact with the body is, drop-in screws in the bezel ring, it's still better as compared to the stupid Sky Ray drop-ins, that's my opinion

And you can always add some alu-folie between.

I wonder how much current this will draw

This is what I hate on Kaidomain, the lack of information about there products.

1200 host is boring... I'd get it in a Mag.

Even if the driver is NFG, it's worth it for the emitters and reflector.

I'll pass. (Shipping time.)


I'd like to see one in a Mag as well but wouldn't the heat exchange be non-existent w/o some major modding? (I'm sitting here looking at the business end of my incan Mags wondering how...)


I bought a few weeks ago a 2D led mag.

Is there much modding to be done to built in these triple XML ?

Then I could use the Kaidomain 2 x 32600 500mAh

Is this correct?

What about the mag switch, has this switch also to be mod?

I modded one with a different dropin and the sloped part of it rested on the end of the Mag tube. All I could do was coat that area with thermal paste and hope for the best. So far so good.

Been waiting for these for a while! Now, will it be faster to wait for manafont to get it in, or throw the dice with kaidomains shipping.
Either way, my 3D mag is getting an upgrade!

Has any one looked at metal filled epoxy (JB weld etc) for a gap filler to help heat transfer to the head and body. I think I will have to mix some up and see how it transfers heat.
I am thinking about coating the dropin with a release agent and forcing it into the head of the mag with a thick layer of metal epoxy forcing it to conform perfectly to the dropin. Remove, cure and clean up and insert he dropin with a coating of arctic silver.
Anyone BTDT?

I like this-please keep us posted!

I wonder would it fit the Solarforce MPP-2? Hmm...... measuring time!!

I seem to have an itch to do something with a mag again and I think I will pull the trigger on this come monday. Strange mode selection listed as H-L-Strobe. No current listed but no biggie really. If I'm not happy with the driver I see direct drive from 3xIMR26650 4000mah's in the horizon. If I cant make a halfway viable solution to sink the heatsink to the mag host this is still worth its price for the emitters and reflector. If it comes to it I will just use those parts and get a custom heatsink.

I bought the dropin from Kaidomain and they must be drunk at the factory.

Two of the led´s is way off center.





Just horrible quality. Which body are using this in?

Btw welcome to BLF.

That sucks I wonder if the one from DX is any better?

Those amperage numbers are with how many batteries, volts?

I used 2x2600mAh AW batterys. The KD homepage says 7,4-8,4V for the driver.

The dropin is already in pieces at my desk and i will center the led´s and put a 2,8-3,0A driver from http://pcb-components.de/

I just noticed you are new here Welcome to BLF.

That drop in is driven the same as the Skyray 3XML with 2 batteries you are getting 2.2amps to each emitter so that is pretty good.

With 2x18650AW it have less power than my single XM-L lights i have built.

But with the new driver and 3x18650 and 2,5A at the tail it is really sweet.