Karma and the Patriot Way

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Guy on my local radio said “it has something to do with Cheating and Deflated Balls”
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Full disclosure;

I am not happy it happened to Mr Kraft (as I think the prostitution thing should be legal if consenting adults but the “Human Trafficking” thing make’s it wrong on a whole new level), but rather I am happy that the almighty NFL will now be put in an awkward position after they established their Conduct Policy
which applies to ALL employees and owners of the NFL for any actions which bring shame to “The Shield”

That and the fact that the police claim to have video evidence is just poetic justice considering the Patriots history with video.

But really, when you are worth Billions, what the heck are you doing in a strip mall Asian massage parlor?
Order up some high class, low mileage “Talent” and have at it.


I don’t really care but, I would like to point out the two sets of standards used for criminal offenses. If you are a billionaire, they call your lawyer and let you know the charges and arrange a date for you to walk in, post bond, and walk out.

If you are a normal citizen, they knock down your door at 2am with guns drawn and dogs at their sides. Oh, and you may get shot if you act in a way they find aggressive, like, oh, I don’t know, maybe how you would act if you were awaken at 2am by your door being kicked in.

No sympathy for Mr Kraft, he will walk with slap on the wrist and a big fine by the NFL. Normal people would be ruined for life, billionaires don’t have those same concerns.

RE: “If you are a normal citizen, they knock down your door at 2am with guns drawn and dogs at their sides. Oh, and you may get shot if you act in a way they find aggressive, like, oh, I don’t know, maybe how you would act if you were awaken at 2am by your door being kicked in. ”

For trying to pick up a hooker? That’s pretty much a cite and release type deal in any larger city. Too many idiots, not enough beds in jail for a nuisance crime.

But what kind of flashlight did he use?

For picking up a hooker yes. I believe that place he was doing “business” with was also involved in sex trafficking as well though it doesn’t look like Mr. Kraft has any charges pertaining to that aspect. Just making a statement as to how normal people are treated versus the rich or popular. It’s happened to me, mistakenly, cops had the wrong address that a judge signed a no knock arrest warrant for, not a search warrant, a arrest warrant. This was years ago when I was in my early 20’s. I wasn’t even home. Probably a good thing. I know they got a huge bill for the damages. It was an apartment I had so no money out of my pocket really.

Happens more often than you think. Mainstream media doesn’t report on it too much but it happens daily. Arrest warrants carried out daily in the same fashion for non violent and sometimes misdemeanor charges. There was something buried behind the obituaries quite a few months ago. One cop kicks in door trying to serve arrest warrant in the wrong apartment. They guy who lives there didn’t know who the hell it was, someone with a gun busting in the door, he shoots and kills the cop. He walks, no charges. Officer had the wrong address, had no department required backing units, didn’t announce police, and it was for a shoplifting charge.

If anyone rich or popular had the same charges, it wouldn’t be handled the same.

I was in that line of work. I wouldn’t work anywhere that endorsed treating anyone differently than their counterparts from the other side of the tracks.

That said, I learned to despise reporters so if I apprehended you or Sean Penn nobody outside of my team is going to hear about it either way. There were 25 arrests none of the other 24 are getting this treatment, this is bad form imho.

Good cops never talk to reporters. None of us has any business knowing any of this unless you end up on the jury.

It’s funny you mentioned being on the wrong end of law enforcement. Years after I left the job someone who drives the same model car I did murdered a security guard in my town. Not long after that I was pulled over as part of that investigation.

Must have been the good karma I built up because I didn’t get manhandled or shot etc. despite my status as a murder suspect.

Don’t like cops…fine. Suggest you keep it to yourself. Everyone loves cops at 3am when some freak is prowling the backyard and hates them at 3pm when you’re speeding through a school zone. They know where they stand with too many people, this just reinforces the us / them mentality.

I never said I don’t like cops. I don’t need them at 3am and I surely won’t see them at 3pm. My point wasn’t to put down any cop. My grandfather was a cop, my dad was, and all 3 of my uncles were as well. I have spent more time around cops than I care to remember. I went with my dad and shot the same qualification drills every year. Had been doing since I was 10, different times back then. Not sure anyone would let a kid do that with their dad now days. I’ve have seen the good and bad of cops. Sorta like people, there are good and bad in every group. Cops are civil servants, they work for the people and represent their community as well as their peers. When cops make bad decisions it makes the profession look bad. It may not be fair but that is the way it is in society now days. Everyone is under a microscope.

That being said, there is, regardless if you agree or not, a huge difference as to how they handle high profile suspects versus the general public. Has been for a very long time. We just get to see it the last several years because of the speed at which incidents can go viral on the Internet in seconds. Is it fair to the good cops? No of course not but, you have to keep your head on a swivel because the bad ones don’t wear a “I’m a bad cop” tshirt or anything. Same thing for mechanics, doctors, lawyers, etc. We are more picky as to who we let provide those services. With cops, we have no choice on who we choose to serve the community.

Anyway I don’t dislike any cops, but not being able to tell the good from bad just keeps me away from them all. Not to mention I don’t give them any reason to contact me. I keep to myself and don’t break laws. I don’t think I would enjoy jail so, I don’t do anything that would warrant me being there.

Well thank you for your service to your community. Hopefully you were able to connect and help a lot of people in some very trying circumstances. I don’t want to keep this dialog going because it will probably end up offending someone and that is the last thing I want to to.

I wold be more than happy to debate with you (adult conversation) through PM anytime. I am done hijacking this poor guys thread.

What an IDIOT!! LOL! I am not condoning prostitution …Just saying with ALL his money and he is stupid enough to go to a massage parlor when he could have had one come to his hotel or home! Sure, he still could have got caught there, the odds are much less.

I do NOT care how much money you have,you can not use it to pay off humiliation and embarrassment!! lol!!

His BALLS are not only deflated now, so is his EGO and standing in the community! :smiley:

This guy was my wife’s boss, not a billionaire but pretty well off. Got busted trying to get some hookers out on Rout 1, not the best area. I have seen the ladies out there several times. The nicest looking ones are always cops, I guess no one ever told him.

I am sure there are safer ways to pay for sex in the DC area.