KC1 keychain light is available now


What are the dimensions of the light? Are they the exact same as the previous version?

this will cost me! FANTASTIC!

I just bought a D4 recently as well :person_facepalming: . I guess it’s going to be an early Christmas when this goes on sale then.

It looks great, Hank.

Decent price @$45, may take me a while to collect the ones I want. I have several of the V1’s. There goes another couple hundred bucks. Emmiter options, auxiliary light options and color options. I’m doomed, at least my bank account is. Thanks Hank. :wink:


Are there any driver efficiency improvements as well?

The FW3A’s driver is quite popular, but Lumintop’s screwup by replacing the TIR+glass with an all-in-one plastic TIR might drive quite a few people to the Anduril D4 v2, especially if the D4 v2 does a better job of avoiding pocket activation than the original version.

Does it still use Carclo optics or something else?

Will the magnetic tailcap be compatible with the d4v1?

Also, will the stainless bezel be compatible with the D4v1?

It would be great if a magnetic tail cap without the lanyard hole was also an option.

Also on my wish list: a 21700 tube.

Has the latest version of Anduril from TK with the improved stepdown?

I’m more excited for the dual stage lockout momentary (allowing for moon mode while in lockout by holding, and ~60 lumens while in lockout by double tapping and holding).

It’s still low enough that it won’t cause any major problems (beside battery drain), it’s unlikely to activate in your pocket, and it is bright enough to be useful.

Fingers crossed. TK messaged Hank about it 2 weeks ago when Anduril launched on the original D4 (that one was using one build version too early for dual brightness lockout momentary).

So each light has all the aux colors?

I’m thinking that “main LED tint x 7 aux color x 3 body colors” would be way too many sku’s for anyone to stock.

Color me impressed. I’d passed over the D4 before… now, subscribed. :+1:

How about a limited run with trit slots on the body and cap? :slight_smile:

I’m guessing it means “pick your aux LED colour when ordering, and then the settings for that one colour of aux LEDs are configurable on the light”, but I could be wrong.

edit: looks like I was wrong.

Each light has all the colors, you can choose any color by any time through ui.

Colour me pleasantly surprised. :slight_smile:

The only size difference is the tailcap, which is 3mm longer than then D4V1 tailcap, due to the magnet space.

It’s with the latest anduril ui from TK.