KC1 keychain light is available now

That forced patina looks great!

It sure does…thank you for the additional pictures! :sunglasses:

What is the correct version of Anduril (or Anduril 2) for D4V2 with E21A? Is it going to be the one for KR4 with nofet? If I remember correctly, both KR4 and D4V2 with E21A have the same driver (linear with 5A max).


I found the answer. I should have done more search before asking. I certainly will next time.


I received my replacement parts order, thank you! Like a 2 week shipping time! The two new deep carry clips are great on my KR1 and kr4.

My Noctigon KR4 in Cyan with E21A at 2700K arrived today!

Ordered November 13th (soon after the Reddit post), shipped December 1st, and arrived in the U.S. at my house on the morning of the 18th (18 days in shipping).

Everything seems to be working fantastically - flashed Anduril 2 via the reflashing kit (just the AVRdude commands on Linux), light functions well. There’s a small chip out of the corner of the 10621 optics but it doesn’t seem to affect the beam and I’m fine with it.
Edit 2020-12-18: As noted by Frostcream, this appears to be an expected part of the LED optic, not a flaw.

I had trouble with the light flickering when turning on (later realizing it was factory resetting when pushing the button), but as noted in this 1lumen review of the KR1, about 4 times of loosening and tightening fixed that.

You mean the one directly next to one of the LEDs? This optic has what appears to be a chip, but it isn’t. They’re all like that. I thought the same thing when I got my first D4V2 (same optic)

Yep, directly next to one of the LEDs, at the edge. Thank you for clarifying that! I’m guessing it might be a part of the manufacturing process (e.g. where the mold is filled). I’ll edit my original post as well.

I bet you mean 10622 .

Edit 2020-12-18: Ignore this, I goofed at reading comprehension.

Normally the KR4 with E21A would be shipped with the 10622 optics, yes. However, this one is clearly not frosted. Based on the LED Supply’s Quad Carclo page , the only common quad non-frosted Carclo optic is the 10621.

Someone on Reddit had mentioned that Hank may have run out of 10622 optics. I had asked Hank via email about swapping optics as well, and given what I wrote I may have accidentally opted into the 10621.

However, I picked the warmer (2700K) E21A, so tint shift isn’t an issue and I do like having a bit more throw. I’m totally satisfied with this outcome.

(Of course, I’d have to buy another optic to make sure, and I could just get another flashlight… This may be my first purchase after many months of deliberation, but it probably won’t be my last.)

The frosted one is 10623 .

Ah, whoops. I think this is a sign that I should get some sleep. Thank you for clarifying!

This Hank is a teaser .

Excellent, most promising.

The size in hand looks perfect! Can’t wait to see the specs.

Pretty must-haveish. I wonder what colors will be available initially.

The white glove is a great idea. Makes it seem he is holding something very special.

I will get the green one.


keep em coming Hank!

oh and to stay on topic. here is my copper that just came in