KC1 keychain light is available now

holy crap! . There goes my monthly budget!

Oh wow… What emitter are you guys getting? Osram green is tempting

Really wish Hank would offer these with a clear coating so the looks would stay exactly like this.

I’m hoping Hank’s next light is fusion powered and made of diamond coated adamantium (:

TiCu Hank, TiCu KR1...

That’s the version I would like to get. I really like the copper and am tempted, but it comes in at 0.723 Lbs with a 30Q installed. Maybe that’s a reason to get it. But I’d still like to see the TiCu version.

and normal KR1 no longer sold…

It’s probably just out of stock. Hank’s listing tend to disappear when that happens.

I went ahead and ordered the KR1 in copper with the W2 and the Green K9.3 with E21A 2000k and the surrounds with SST20 6500.

I’m seriously thinking getting kr1 cu in sst40 5000k. Never thought I’d want the kr1 with that emitter, but the more I’ve thought about it today the more I realize it would be an ideal all purpose light. Enough lumens, enough throw, good enough for me cct (I like the sst40 5000k). Really seems like the best option for me, considering I have the w2 aluminum kr1 already and I don’t buy multiples of the same light with the same emitter. Really wish the kr1 came with xhp35 option. That’d be perfect, xhp35 in 4000k. I considered the xpl hi 4000k, but the trade off for the better cct doesn’t seem worth it compared to the osram (50% more throw, same lumen) and sst40 (70% more lumen, 25% less throw)…

also, is the xpl hi 4000k high cri or no?

I’m for one excited af for the all cu version. Heavy is fine with me. And I’ll buff it on the buffing wheel because I like the new look. Sold two flashlights today so I could buy it. Just waiting on Hank to respond on how to make note for deep carry clip, and I need an optic for d4sv2
As well.

I just think his site just glitches sometimes, especially when updates or new items are done/added.

Ordered KR1 copper with sst40 5000k, plus copper 18350 tube.

Thanks Hank!

I asked for this a while ago, he said no plans. I hope thats changed.

I’m thinking about ordering a D4v2 copper with e21a 3500k high cri with warm white as button backlight. I’d like to film a review on it. Anyone have this model? how durable is the rubber boot for the button? i was thinking of also getting a raised bezel and the 18350 tube. thoughts?

I have the brass version, it is my first d4v2. I’ve had it for a couple of months and pocket carry it everyday. It’s solid. I’ve dropped it enough times and it’s fine. The button is fine but too early to tell of its durability.

The time has come for me to order my second KR4. I have the sst20 5000k now. I want to order another because I want a high cri. Can anyone help with suggestions? I only have 2 hi cri lights now, both sst20 4000k.

I’m torn between the sst20 4000k, e21 4500k and e21 3500k…

The E21A 2000K is my favorite. Although I have a D18 with an even mix of 2700 and 4000 SST’s that’s awesome


You simply can’t go wrong with E21A 3500K.

This is good info. Part of me is slightly “concerned” of the lower lumen rating of the e21’s, but I mean it still is like 1200 lumens right? That is enough for edc really