KC1 keychain light is available now

Just went for a night walk with two of my 9.3’s. Have to say, the E21A 2700K / Osram yellow is not very impressive. Not sure what I’ll use the dim yellow Osram for and the and 2700 is too warm for my taste
On the other hand, the light with the XP-L HI V2 5D 4.000K on channel 1 is awesome. First time I’ve seen this emitter and I really see why people love it so much. Tons of power! The red on CH2 is good too although as others have mentioned, not quite as impressive outside as it is indoors

This is GOOD info for me, im sorry to hear about the little bit of a let down, but thank you for sharing. helps the rest of us. If you could maybe post a beam shot of any of them that’d be cool too :+1:

Awesome! I should also mention that the The “indoor K9.3” I got is awesome – just what I was hoping for. Black with red switch, 2000K E21A and red on CH2. Maybe I’ll gift the 2700/Osram yellow and buy a replacement (:

I’m available for gifting. :wink:

why would anyone wants yellow emitters, for what purpose ?

Ya after getting Osram Yellow on CH2 I’m asking myself that exact question.

Now if you mean something like the E21A 2000K, that’s different… awesome for indoor use

Hah. When stock was running out for the aluminum versions I had the thought that a titanium or copper run was probably in the works.

I got them to help preserve night vision at very low levels since I don’t care much for monochromatic LEDs. Might be nice for reducing glare in fog too.

Honestly, I wasn’t really sure what else to put in there because with E21A on Ch1, the SST options wouldn’t really be all that useful and I don’t have any use for the green either. So that leaves the FY.

Would have been cool to see slightly larger diameter lenses for the three Ch2 emitters and an option for NM1.TG, but that would have increased the head diameter. I think it’s fine the way it is now and Ch2 is just a nice gimmick to fill in some empty space in the optic.

This is what I feel too. Nm1 white on ch2 would probably have me buying it. Would be nice complement to a warm channel 1 IMO

I just ordered the all copper d4v2 with the E21A nichia 3500k emitters, I havent seen the literature on the wesite but I am assuming these are high cri too like the sst20 emitters? Just wanted to be sure. Thanks!

Yes, they are.

Can’t wait to hear your inpressions. I have the 2000 and 2700 and I’ve been thinking of grabbing the light you have coming. Do you have any other warm emitters for comparisons?

Having the exact same for couple of weeks . Mine was shipped with the 10622 optics since the 10623 was out . Yours will probably be shipped with the 10623 . I have the 10623 installed on all my other 5 d4v2, but on this one the 10622 is good . On your next order, you should get it to try.

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I’d prefer a side switch, but any14500 light with Anduril and I could finally replace the last of my Zebralights.

Haven’t seen any pics of a switch with red LEDs yet….

I’ve finally found absolute perfection in a bedside light. Red switch LEDs match the red aux LEDs perfectly (thought it might look pink through the rubber switch). The red aux LEDs and switch on dim don’t interrupt my sleep, yet its easy to find and turn on in the dark. The SST20 2700k is easy on the eyes early in morning, and the bedroom looks like it is illuminated by an actual candle when on candlelight mode. :wink:

When E21A 1600K :open_mouth:

That would be wild! I’m kicking some e21a 2000K light as I type this from my KR4

Playing around with heat anodizing titanium. Definitely an art to it. Flame size, angle, location, etc all make for different results. One thing I know for sure, make sure to brake clean the part first. The last pic shows my first attempt that was not cleaned first. Came out super dull and oily spots show through in the results.

You can also try a little less heat and dunk it in Ferric Chloride (read label) while hot to create some pretty wild patterns:

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Thanks for the tip!