KC1 keychain light is available now

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Thanks for the tip!

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modified my KR4 and D4V2….


Thanks! I cant wait to get it. Been wanting to review this since a youtuber left me a comment to check out the emisar brand.

I think I also ordered a floody optic with it too as an additional option. I also got the 18350 tube as well as the pocket clip. I think this will be my new edc for a bit. Does anyone know of a good place to get 18350 rechargeable batteries for this light? Preferably with a charging port built into the battery.

I’m curious to what you receive, please let me know . The e21a is shipped with the 10623 ( floody ) by default ( i think ) . We will see if adding an extra floody optic gives you an 10622 ( regular ) or double floody .

Their back, all colors!!

CSLPM1.TG added as an option!

That’s awesome! Anyone know what the XP-G2 emitter is?

I’m going back and forth with that and sst20 4000k. I have this light with 5000k and I have d4 with w2… decisions decisions…

Ya I’m confused. And he talks about the Nichia 219c in the description but I can’t figure out what I want

Any advice? I’m going to order 3 of these and I don’t want 6500K. Def one in deep red

XP-G2 is an older design, small die + non-flip chip = throwy LED. It’s basically only used in AAA lights these days and I can’t imagine why anyone would choose it over the SST-20, XP-L HI, or Osram.

Thanks dude I was going to buy that . I have the Osram yellow in my 9.3 and don’t like it. I wonder if the W2 would be more useful?

I think I’ll go with the floody optic for my deep red one - should be cool for indoor night use I think

Less heat and lower cost?

I just ordered green body, sst20 4000k. Soon I’ll order cyan W2. I already have the gray body, sst20 5000k

I dont know which one theyre sending me. I suppose I will test them both to see if they are the same or two different ones. Are there images visually showing the difference other than beam shots? Or is it too hard to tell by looking at the optics? Is one more frosty than the other?

Easy to tell.

I ordered a Green SST20 4000K w/ regular optics and a gray deep red w/ floody optics because I’m going to use it mostly in my bedroom. Already have a 6500K in black.

Should I order a cyan in 2700K? Or perhaps Osram?

Hank, would it be possible to get the D4V2 with E21A flashed with Andúril 2.0 or is the new Andúril available for K9.3 only? I just placed another order.

As always when buying new amazing flashlights from your shop: Resistance is futile. $)

I started to wait for D4V2 gray body. "Emisar Gray" is one of my favourites, just like the venerable "Convoy Silver".

Too bad, that D4SV2 is not available with 9A driver for Osram CSLNM1 FY, that would be an instant hit for me.

Maybe a D18 would worth a 2×9A driver, and then, it could be use E21A as well, just it would be like a K9.3 with double CH1 enabled at the same time.