KC1 keychain light is available now

Ugh! What LEDS to choose! I’ve settled on 2700K Nichia 219B. But for the other channel. 4000K 351d? Sst20? Or 4500k Nichia 219B?

I think 2700/4500 219b sounds like the right answer. 4000/2700 sst20 is also nice.

Do you think it would be odd to mix emitters? Nichia 219B and sst20 or 351d?

Different beam profiles, I don’t think it’ll blend nicely.

I wonder how the LH351D with its higher forward voltage performs with just two LEDs and the linear driver.

219B 2700/4500 or LH351D 2700/5000? Efficiency, max output, throw? How do they compare with this driver?

The 90CRI LH351D has similar Vf curve to the SST-20, see maukka’s tests : Samsung LH351D color testing - #12 by maukka

Well at least this sample, and another I checked myself.

I don’t see the LH351D in the menu though ? Is it a special request ? I don’t know what CRI is offered.

Thanks. Didn’t know the CRI 90 version has a lower Vf than the CRI 70 version. Still unsure which one I should choose. :smiley:

The LH351D with 90+ was available on request for some time already, but is officially listed for the tint ramping versions:

I like my KR4 e21a. I wish it had a lower low, and slower ramping, especially at lower lumens. I struggle to get a good lower setting for reading because it ramps too fast. Has this changed?

Hank, when will the DM11 be released?

Hanks current sst20 4000k (what i gottoday in the d4sv2 dual channel) are the nicest i have ever seen. nicer then FireFlies and fw3a of old, and i had 100% plan to chnage them in both lights, i cant. their as nicely tinted as my pretty decent xpl-hi 5D's.

Just fyi if anyone wants sst20 2700k/4000k d4sV2 dual channel. it is. REALLY nice with those two emitters. And i pretty despise sst20 leds. lol. I just got them to change them with some of the many xpl-hi i have. Well, the sst20 are staying in these lights.

Did you set your lowest ramp to 1? It’s a default of 3 out of the box, and needs to be set to 1 to enable the moon light level. I don’t think it’s possible to go lower than the light level of 1 on this driver. Although I actually find the level 1 setting to be very nice on the e21a LEDs.

Having said that, it sounds like slower ramping is possible with the latest Anduril 2, along with more granularity at the low settings, see: Big Hanklight Anduril 2 Updates! [Ultralow Functionality] - YouTube I haven’t tested that myself yet (waiting for my reflashing kit to arrive), but it seems like it will fix my two biggest issues with Anduril (granularity at low, and ramp speed).

A lot of things have changed recently… below is a summary:

Ramp stuff

  • Better low + high modes
    • Smoother, slower ramp on lowest levels (uses pulse frequency modulation combined with pulse width modulation to get higher resolution while generating control voltage signals for the current regulator)
    • Faster moon activation from off, with adjustable “jump start” correction factor.
    • Eliminated (or at least greatly reduced) audible sound when DD FET is at 50% power on Linear+DDFET lights.
  • Faster auto-reverse on 1H for ramping up/down, because the old timing was too slow.
  • More configurable options
    • Smooth ramp speed (can slow it down)
    • Choose whether hold-from-off should ramp up or stay at moon
    • Select turbo style, one setting for Simple UI and one for Advanced UI. Three styles available:
      • No turbo: hard limit at ceiling
      • Anduril 1 style: 2C while on goes to full power
      • Anduril 2 style: 2C while on goes to ceiling, unless ramped up to ceiling first, which would go to full power

Misc stuff

  • Auto-lock can work in Simple UI if configured that way.
  • Easier to enter large numbers in config menus. During a number entry prompt, click for +1, or hold for +10.
  • Faster thermal regulation on 3-channel lights like D4Sv2 (FET+3+1) and D18 (FET+13+1).
  • Made party strobe flashes more consistent.
  • Fixed corner cases in hybrid memory (manual memory with a timer).

Tint ramping…

  • Support for tint ramping on D4S and KR4. Can also work on K9.3 and D4.
  • Allows “200% power” turbo with both tints running at 100%. The color space for this is shown below, shaped like a house. Can also use DD FET on one channel, but it’s usually not a visible difference.
  • User can choose tint-ramp or tint-toggle. It’s in the hardware-specific config menu (Advanced mode Off 9H).
  • Fixed occasional flicker on inactive tint channel.
  • Enabled middle tint at moon level.

On tint-ramp lights, the user can ramp in two directions: Tint and brightness. These are mostly independent of each other, so brightness remains steady while changing tint, and tint remains steady while changing brightness. However, when going above 100% power, this is not always possible. Go bright enough, and it hits a roof, basically, and then must ramp toward the middle tint in order to get any brighter.

So now the color space has a floor, a ceiling, an attic, a roof, and a peak. Please don’t ask me to add a patio.

Depending on how things go, however… I might have to add a chimney. This would allow the DD FET to be used by itself on one channel for a special 1-channel turbo mode. Ironically, this would also be the mode most likely to produce smoke.

Some lights ship with a floor level higher than the minimum, and the user can raise the floor if desired, so there is also sort of a “basement” where a moon mode can be found.

More details are in the user manual.

Thanks, all the SST-20 4000K are FA3, and SST-20 2700K are JD2.

Hopefully, it should be before November, 15.

The LEDs options are SST-20, XP-L HI, Osram W1/W2, XHP35 HI, SST-40, SFT-40 (not LED stock for now), B35AM R9080 (2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 4500K, 5000K, 5700K)

Thanks for the laugh.

Changes are looking great, I gotta get some pogo pins now.

So when will the tint ramping D4v2 be available?

It’s up now, you can also request the same configuration for other D4V2/KR4 materials.

Thanks! I ordered it! Wooo!

Btw. Does one control the switch LED with anduril too?

Thanks, the swich LED is controled by UI as well, just like the one in the D4V2 TI.

Any chance you will make a dual channel for the DT8?

Is it possible to go W1 on one channel and LH351D 5000k on the other? Thanks, Hank!