KC1 keychain light is available now

@Hank, are there differences in the driver circuit?

Is it a FET+1x7135 driver, or another type like the Emisar D4S?

Are the internal parts interchangeable with V1 ? Would like to stick it in my ti version.

Recessed switch?

It’s still FET+1×7135 driver.

Daaaamn Hank!

Still all the same emitter options? SST20 helloooo

Will the new tail cap be compatible with the old D4?

Looks great! Have you thought of making a single LED tube light with a smaller head? It would make a nice companion for people who want more throw without jumping up to the chunky D1

I’ve seen those pictures somewhere before….

Thanks for doing continuous quality improvement rather than continuous cost optimization like another popular multi-emitter FET driver light. It’s probably about time I bought an Emisar.


What are the dimensions of the light? Are they the exact same as the previous version?

this will cost me! FANTASTIC!

I just bought a D4 recently as well :person_facepalming: . I guess it’s going to be an early Christmas when this goes on sale then.

It looks great, Hank.

Decent price @$45, may take me a while to collect the ones I want. I have several of the V1’s. There goes another couple hundred bucks. Emmiter options, auxiliary light options and color options. I’m doomed, at least my bank account is. Thanks Hank. :wink:


Are there any driver efficiency improvements as well?

The FW3A’s driver is quite popular, but Lumintop’s screwup by replacing the TIR+glass with an all-in-one plastic TIR might drive quite a few people to the Anduril D4 v2, especially if the D4 v2 does a better job of avoiding pocket activation than the original version.

Does it still use Carclo optics or something else?

Will the magnetic tailcap be compatible with the d4v1?

Also, will the stainless bezel be compatible with the D4v1?

It would be great if a magnetic tail cap without the lanyard hole was also an option.

Also on my wish list: a 21700 tube.

Has the latest version of Anduril from TK with the improved stepdown?