KC1 keychain light is available now

Can we do a petition for a KR4 with adjustable variable tint like E21A 2000+5000k?

Or just buy one with 2000k and one with 5000k?

Difference in recent xpl-hi 5d to the "3-4 months ago" 5D. From left to right: 2 D4v2's with 5D from March-april. The dark gray dt8 is yesterday's 5D (ordered 3 weeks ago, received yesterday), and the right is the 2850k 8A.

It almost looks like Yesterdays 5D is 5000 K. I'm actually gonna double check the box when I get home.

EDIT: it is definitely 4000k, and it's awesome. It only looks cooler compared to these leds, when compared to xpl 5K the warmth is noticeable.

Ordered a d4v2 Ti with 219bt-v1 4500K. Hank also carries the 10621 optics now too on his new products page. Hopefully it’ll jive well or I’ll just order another one with the w2’s and use it for that!

Might be a silly question, but which version of Anduril 2 is used in the DT8? I can’t see a DT8 specific version?

No, I wanted have both colors in one light and adjust the color temperature at my choice

My D4SV2 with the SW35 is sitting in a distribution centre right near my place and it’s killing me. I’ve got a battery ready to go and I keen to see what these emitters will do in the D4Sv2 body!

With freshly charged 30Q 18650 cells, D18 219B vesion turbo current is 48A at turn on, that is 2.67A per LED,
which I think it’s still within safety line?

In that case, D18 219B version should be with direct drive, no current limit.

Sounds promising. :) Do you have some Samsung 25S or 20S to test with again? These are supposed to be the most powerful 18650 cells available. If D18 219B works with them properly, there should be no way of killing these LEDs. :D

How many 219B SW30 and SW45K do you have left?

Oh and by the way, Hank did you have any chance to take a look at my previous post?


What do you think? :)

Default original optic back in stock for D18. Also can now select Nichia 219BT-V1 3500K and 4500K emitters. Order placed.
Hoping for tint below BBL with nice light pink hue, Thanks to Hank Wang for all your efforts. You are the best!

Haven’t had a shipping notification for a DT8 with SST-20 5000k after 10 days. Is that normal?

I ordered on 13/7 and got shipping notification only on 23/7. I assume he must be very busy with the 219b orders. (and I contributed 2)

Hank is in overwork
Please be patient

Good to know. I’ll keep waiting patiently!

I love the DT8 in 219BT-V1 4500K emitters it’s so ‘dinky’ much better than the D4V2 which i never really took a liking to.

What would be estimate the maximum and highest sustained lumens are for the 219BT in the DT8?

it is not "out of line" to send him an email (reply to your order confirmation) asking for update. After 10 days I would send one to check in. That's not unreasonable. I've done it once or twice before .

Just got the shipping notification now - 11 days after order. Hank must be a busy man!

We have one D4V2 in Australia, 219B 4500K LED, with flat retaining ring, extra flood optic, 18350 tube, and magnetic tailcap, original price is $60.17, now, 30% off, which is $42, shipping included, for Australian customers only, PM me if you are interested. ———Sold

Nice deal!