KD 5 mode XM-L Driver

http://www.kaidomain.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductId=11372 I saw some one mention these , and for the price , I thought , what the heck , there cheap enough to use with almost any emitter - Good to have in the parts box so to speak .

I have used up two of them today ..

I used one in building a XM-L UniqueFire A20 , boy do I like the A20 in XM-L , its all that and more .

I also built a P60 drop in using the driver for my Solarforce L2T ..


I used this emitter in the P60 pill .

First picture is the [pill from my A20 with the T6 XM-L emitter glued in place [ 14mm base ]

2nd picture is the KD driver

XM-L T6 in P60 pill , and once assembled , in my Solarforce L2T

Lets talk about the KD driver :

5 mode , 4.2v , has mode memory , wires soldered in place , and costs less than $2 each shipped ..

Modes are = High - Med - Low - Strobe - SOS

In the L2T current draw :

High = 2.41A , Medium = 0.94A , and Low = 0.09A [ That is really nice ]

No issues yet , [ I only just used the drivers ] , but for the price , I think they have a spot in my toolbox .

In the A20 with a RCR123A

High = 1.6A , Medium = 0.65A , and Low = 0.07A

Those new drivers you got there look suspiciously similar to the KD C8 driver. Is 2.4a the max draw you have seen ?

The price is certainly quite amazing. I like the upper middle current for XML's on 18650's. Should make for a realistic combo for P60 and other lighter weight hosts without turning them into hand held bbq's.

Out of curiosity, could you test one of these drivers with an XRE + 18650? If my predictions are correct, this might deliver 1.8-1.9A... perfect for a mega thrower in a well heat sinked host. I have a few XRE's running at 1.8A in some Lunapower hosts (with SMO reflector) and they are my farthest throwing 1 x 18650 lights ATM.

Might have time tomorrow to try it ...

It also depends on the emitter .. But I dont see why it should not work , I have been using the KD SSC P7 driver for almost everything for years .

And while you're at it, maybe with an xp-g, too? :) Would be really interesting to see how they perform with different leds.

Do the two ICs have any markings? Could you please have a look and post them?

I use this driver on a XML and current output is good but i noticed that it has PWM flicker on med and on low. Did you noticed that old4570 or is only my driver?

Thanks Old. I usually wire patch my DMM in series with a LICO and use the tip of the test probe to quickly touch the power pads on the star for initial test. If it looks good, then I sustain contact for +/- .25 second to get a fast current reading. Since these drivers are likely not current regulated, Im hoping that as LED vF and resistance increases, the driver will respond accordingly with a lower amperage draw. Besides, Im about out of my favorite unknown XRE drivers that push the little suckers hard - around 1.9A.

+1 on the XPG. I run a few of my high vF XPG's at 2.1A and havent sent one up in smoke yet... no angry blue or signs of deterioration yet, and they are noticeably brighter than my 1.5A examples.

Sorry to ask for so much. I know its a pain in the ass and takes time setting up these tests.

I'm curious about the chips, too, esp if they regulate to any degree. Maybe at least check how much the current lowers as battery runs low to see if they're just bucking voltage or what.

PWM is slow in Low and Medium ... Did not notice any on high ..

Will try after lunch with XR-E and XP-G ...

The Q5 emitter from the A20 did some 0.86A with the KD driver on High [ obviously not a good emitter ]

Using a brand new XP-G R5 on a 14mm base = 1.98A [ now thats a nice emitter ]

So I think the emitter will dictate current , which Ive always believed , so I think these will be a lot like the SSC P7 driver I used with a lot of emitters , it will give the emitter the current it wants .

Ok. Same thing here. Nothing on high but on medium and expecially on low a boring PWM. Thanks

What's the max you were able to register driving XM-L's?

So far I have only tested it with one battery - Carlie's Kustoms 18650 2.41A

I need to charge some batteries - so will get back to you on max current .

davx or old4570, please, is there any markings on the two chips?

Small chip: a2shb

Big chip: bl24c02 - 0204CP

Needed the magnifying glass , but one of the two chips has BL24C02 and under that 0204CP

I will buy ysome of the drivers with my next kaidomain order - thank you for the short test.

Ok, let us know if the current changes much w/ different battery voltage, but from just old's numbers, it almost looks DD. I mean, these simple chips can't tell which emitter and give proper level, and xml @ 2.4, xpg @ 2, xr-e at 0.8 is almost spot on for DD.

Ok, quick google search show at least one of the big chips is just eeprom. I suspect the other one is ucontroller, so it's just DD as there's no room for a current controller. The "smaller" chip is just a mosfet (like used for pwm or something).

Thanks for the info guys.

I really wonder what the Atmel eeprom is used for on this driver...